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Ask me:

1. if I have a brother in Krasnodar; 2, if I have apple- trees in my. garden; 3. if 1 have coffee every day; 4. if my brother has a car, 5. if my children have tea or coffee in the morning; 6. if my daughter has music lessons; 7. if I have many English magazines; 8. what I have in my right hand;

9. how many brothers and sisters I have; 10. where I have dinner; 11. what 1 have in my room; 12. at what time I have breakfast; 13. what my sister has in her room; 14. at what time my children have supper; 15. if this pop star has blue eyes; 16. if my daughter has long hair.

Exercise 24. Make the following interrogative and negative.

1. I have got a fountain-pen. 2. We have got many relatives there. 3. They have got six lessons today. 4. You have got that magazine. 5. He has got a camera. 6. They have got a comfortable flat. 7. He has got a new job there.

8. You have got a Bice view from the window. 9.1 have got a letter for you. 10; His Mend has got a skateboard.

Exerdse2&. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets.

1. You... rather old-fashioned in your views, I think (am/ is/are). 2. His wife... a fine lady from London (am/is/are).

3. His wife ... a headache and has gone to lie, down {have/ has). 4. By the way, you ... a friend of the Eliots, I believe (am/is/are)- 5. Hie whole thing ... quite fantastic (seem/ seems). 6. Her father... at one of the local farms — Paterson’s, I think (work/works). 7. “I really... nothing about her”, said Miss Brewes. (know/knows). 8, “I... not mad and I... not drunk”, said Mrs. Oliver (am,/is/are). 9. Life ... full of surprises (am/is/are). 10. Well, they ... a very nice young couple (seem/seems). 11. She... an excellent secretary (am/ is/are). 12. “The police ... , I believe, very efficient (am/is/ are). They ... ample facilities for tracing the whereabouts of missing persons (have/has)”, said Miss Brewes. 13. She ... for him to return (wait/waits). 14. He ... English at «йпе private school in Marylebone (teach/teaches), 15. They ... their summer in the country (spend/spends)

Exercise 26. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets.

1. Devonshire is a very lovely country when it ... rain (don't/doesn't). 2. I ... want to see Etienne. 1... like him (don't/doesn’t). 3.1... where Lady Stubbs is (don’t know/ doesn’t know), 4. What ... you want to know. Inspector