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стр. 355

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“Georgie! Georgiel Come out of that stuffy room at oncel”

10.    George Augustus raised his hand and exclaimed “Leave this house! And do not return to it until you have learned to apologise for your behaviour”. 11. They had missed two buses outside the tube station in their excited chatter. A third came along. George grabbed Elizabeth’s arm “Come on, here’s our bus. Let’s go on top”. 12. “Well, promise that you won’t say anything", she said. “Please, Gerry, not a word".

Exercise 302. Change the following into direct speech. *

1. George said he felt thirsty. 2. They said it was very interesting. 3. I asked my cousin if she thought it could be a dream. She replied that she was about to ask me the same question. 4, I answered that I thought he would never smile again. 5. He told them they could follow him.

6. He went up to the policeman and asked him if he knew what time it was. 7. She asked me if you were serious.

8.1 asked her not to go out. 9.1 told Sam not to leave the house. 10. Then he asked me if I wrote for any newspapers.

11.    I told her not to worry. 12. The elder sister said that she was afraid that they hadn’t got on dresses suited to work. 13. When I had finished, George asked if the soap was in. I said I didn’t care whether the soap was in or whether it wasn’t. 14. They said it was very kind of him,

15. He told them they could follow him. 16. I promised mother I’d be home early tonight. 17. Why, George, you always said you liked to live in the middle of London. 18. They shook hands, and Barber asked if she wanted to go some place for a coffee. 19. He just came to me one night and said he’d got leave of absence from his job for a month and that he’d be back inside of thirty days and he’d tell me all about it when he got back, and he begged me not to ask any questions. 20. He told me he wouldn’t write.

Exercise 303. Insert the missing verbs observing the rules of changing direct into indirect speech.

1. Those men will come back. They said that ... (will/ would). 2. Kathleen said she ... find me a maid (do/does/ will/would). 3. And so he agreed to stay: Rose said she ... ... Julie and explain it all (ring up/rings up/will ring up/ would ring up). 4. But listen, he said he......back, honestly,