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went on. 4. Andrew was not sure how serious she was. He answered lightly. “I don’t understand much about politics. I’m leaving that for later”. 5. She murmured: “I’ll catch a train this afternoon”. 6. Lincoln spoke first: “We’ve been talking it over ever since we got your letter last month”.

7, “I haven’t seen you for a whole year”, she said. 8. “I saw your sister out shopping yesterday”, she said to me.

9. “You haven’t opened your telegram yet”, she said to me. 10. “They will not attack before four”, the colonel said. 11. “They don’t know we can’t use it", he said.

12. He said, “I hope I haven’t interrupted”. 13. “Nobody will ever know”, we said to him, “what you are and where you are going”. 14. “They’ll be all right”, said he. 15. He added, smiling: “Simon, we saw you yesterday, driving down your street”. “Yes, I saw you, too. Our Dad’s got a new car”, said Simon. '

B.    1. “Do you have a photograph of Fonny with you?” Hayward asked. 2. “Did you wish to see me?” asked Cooper.

3.    “Did you see an old woman going down the path?” asked Frances. 4. “Why didn’t you think of all this before” Marion asked. 5. Kismine clutched John’s arm. “Oh,” she cried wildly. “Where are they going? What are they going to do?”. 6, “Brian, why do you keep the doors closed and locked?” A1 Capone said. “To keep insects out”. 7. “Are you all right?” the man said to us. 8. She said: “What did Tom say about these cheeses?” 9. George said to us: “What time shall I wake you?”. 10. “Where did you get that helmet”, I asked him. 11. She said, “Are there skyscrapers in London?” 12."Haven’t you ever seen it before?” I said to him. 13. “How could I see that”, said George, rather annoyed, “since I’ve never been to Naples?” 14. “Are you going to be in your hotel tomorrow morning, Lloyd?” Smith asked.

C.    I. The sergeant said: “Take two men and go to the village and arrest him”. 2. “Don’t talk for one minute, Jim, please”, she asked. 3. “I can’t hear you!” cried Kismine, intent on the scene before her. “You’ll have to talk louder”.

4.    “Oh, go away. Bill” she said. “Go away into school and don’t come back for a long time”. 5. “Wait a little longer”, she said to me. 6. He said to me, “Drop your rifle”.

7. “Don’t be a fool”, I said to him. 8. “Don’t worry about me”, the old woman said. 9. A voice came up the stairs: