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with his handkerchief and she sat upon it. 3. Let’s go in, shall we? 4. You were so rude. Why can’t you be ordinarily polite to me? 5. How can you be so cruel? 6. “Oh, thank you, Maudie, just put the trolley here, would you, and could you put some more turf on the fire?” 7. “Andrew, would you mind lifting those boxes off the chairs? Be careful with them”. 8. “Would you like to join us? It’s just a cold meal, I'm afraid”. “No, thank you”. 9. “Kath leen, would you mind leaving me alone with Pat for a few minutes?” 10. She waited until they were smoking and said, "Milly, would you fetch the papers?”. 11. Would you like a cup of coffee while you’re waiting? 12. “Would you care to sit down?” he asjted. 13. Couldn’t we go and have some fish and chips somewhere? 14. Could I have a word with you, please? 15. You couldn’t give me his address, by any chance?    .

Exercise 300. Put special questions to as mahy wards in the

sentences as you caii.

1. At that Moment an extraordinary sound was heard just outside the room. 2. Christopher seemed a little depressed by this news. 3. Andrew scraped his knife and fork on his plate in a pretense of eating. 4. He stares across the river at the clouded west. 5. I watched him go down the plane and find an empty row of seats. 6. Jane ^stands looking for keys in her handbag. 7. After a moment лШа went and stared in. the little mirrow over the chest of drawers. 8. I was awakened just before noon by Jane’s voice outside the room. 9. I found Jane peeling potatoes when I returned downstairs. 10, The telephone began to ring outside, and she went to answer it. At five he took a taxi and bought presents for all the family — a doll for Honoria, a box of Roman soldiers for the boy, flowers for Marion, big linen handkerchiefs for Lincoln. 11. They met him in the rose garden in front of the house. 12. The room ^seemed dark after the bright evening outside.

'Exercise 301. Transform the following sentences into ' indirect speech observing all the necessary changes of

verbs, pronouns.

A. 1. He said: “We’re having a test on Byron today”.

2.    “I'll meet you at‘ the library at eleven”, Crane said.

3.    “The sun is shining and it’ll be dry directly”, Millie