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стр. 351

will call mother immediately (notice/notices/will notice).

7. If you ... to go to the South Seas with me, we’ll be happy there. I will look after you — keep you safe for always (agree/agrees/will agree). 8.1 swear to you that if we ... ... waiting half an hour outside an office, I shall not be responsible for my actions (is kept/are kept/will be kept).

9. If Belfounder or anybody ... just say in a stern masculine voice that I am out indefinitely (telephone/telephones/will telephone). 10. “You must forgive me", she said, turning and smiling fearfully at her guests, “if the dinner ... quite ruined, we will all know who is to blame (is/are/will be)”.

11. We’ll both get cold, if we... here much longer (stay/ stays/will stay). 12. I’ll ring you on Wednesday if I ... . anything (find/finds/will find). 13. Give me your soup plates, everybody. If we ... for that girl to take them, we’ll be here all night (wait/waits/will wait).    .


Exercise 298. Analyse the following questions. Translate

them into Russian. Pay special attention to the word

order in each of tjie type of the questions.

A.    1. Was she upset? 2. Do you think I’m getting old and ugly? 3. “Are you all right, Barney?” 4. Do you know what happened at Liberty Hall last Sunday? 5. Have Andrew and Hilda moved yet? 6. Do you approve of Hilda’s new place? 7. “Barney, I’m so worried”. What about, dear? Had Kathleen found out something?” 8. “Have you been to confession?” “No”, “Oughtn’t you to go?” “Maybe”. “Will you go?” “I don’t know”. 9. Is there somebody else in the room? 10. Have you told Frances about us? 11. Did you meet anyone in the street on the way'back? 11 “Now then. Hazel, haven't you brought Ernest with you?” 13. Was he dissappointed to find that Major Rich was out?

B.    1. What have I done now? 2. When is Frances getting married? 3. What went wrong? 4. But why did he despair so quickly? 5. “Why do the men go and fight in that stupid ghastly war? Why don’t they all say, no, no, no?” — “I agree with you, Frances. But they just feel helpless. What can they do? What can any of us do?”. 6. What makes you think it’s not genuine? 7. ‘‘What’s happened, Kathleen? You look quite distracted”. 8. What on earth are you talking about, Kathleen? 9. But why did the secretary tear up the other letter? 10. Who, then , in your opinion, murdered