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стр. 350

8. He had no job» and that worried him, because tt was winter. 9. But what worried him much more was getting to Whitechapel. 10. After we had eaten and I had settled in I went for a walk in the afternoon. 11. Why did she silly child always wear shoes which were too small for her? 12. After I had cleaned the rooms there was an interval in my work. 13. I wonder where he is at this minute. 14.1 don’t believe in it, because I know it isn’t true. 15. He went to bed and slept well as an innocent man might do.

Exercise 296. Choose the correct form of the verb from the


1.1 will tell you about it when you... back (come/comes/ will come). 2. By the time the money... I will know what to do with it (come/comes/will come). 3. Гт not going to leave a party before I ... ready to leave it (am/is/are/will be).

4. She’ll be very angry when she ... the broken mirror (see/sees/will see). 5. She’ll like the dog as soon as she ... it (see/sees/will see). 6. I'm going to sit here and wait until you ... in and ... something to eat for yourself (go/ goes/will go; get/gets/will get). 7. I shall have thirty thousand pounds by the time I... fifty (am/is/are/will be).

8. God, how I hate abroad. Г11 never go there again as long as I... (live/lives/will live). 9. 1*11 give you a ring when I ... back (get/gets/will get). 10. When you ... back, I will ‘ marry you (come/comes/will come). 11. Oz will now send me home until I...... the Wicked Witch of the West (kill/

killed/have killed/ will kill/will have killed). 12. What are you going to do when you ... old (get/ gets/will get).

13. “Г11 stay till the windsaid Mary Poppins (change/ changes /will change). .

Exercise 297. Choose the correct form of the verb from the

brackets. State the type of subordinate clause and expain

your choice of a verb form.

1. If you ... in this way you will break your mother’s heart (continue /continues/will continue)! 2.1 will get a job

if I... get one (can/could/wiU be able to). 3. If I.........I

will wither and perish for not having gone (don’t go/doesn’t go/won’t go). 4. If the crash it will be a big one (come/ comes/will come)! 5. If it... expensive, I won’t be able to afford it (is/are/will be). 6. Be careful! If they ... you they