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стр. 349

the village a car was coming. At the wheel sat a young man, his hair blown back by the wind. 14. He said: “Will you come this way» please”. 15. Is your wife all right?

16. There were no fishing boats out — and no motor boat.


Exercise 294. Analyse the following sentences. How are the clauses joined? What type are they?

1. There was one woman in front of him, and she was certainly in no hurry either. 2, Diana and Nick lived just round the corner, but he thought that he might as well take the car right there with him, so he got back into it and drove himself fifty yards and parked. 3. Diana had a cut-glass full of marble eggs; she was holding one up now to the light. 4. The light went out, the curtains opened, and a man came on and started making introductory noises.

5, Simon was confused, he did not know what to say. 6. He watched her go: he went to his window and watched her cross the courtyard below. 7. We looked at each other for a moment and then I turned away. 8. My watch had stopped, but I could tell the time from the hospital wall. 9. I shut my eyes, and a bit later I heard the door close. 10. My mother lives near Hastings now, so there is no cause to go back. 11. Of course I like him very much or I wouldn’t think of marrying him. 12. I knocked on the door and there was no answer, otherwise I wouldn’t have gone in.

13. Who did you speak to and what did you say?

Exercise 295. Analyse the sentences. State the type of subordinate clause, and the way it is joined to the principal clause.

1. He wondered what they would try on him this time.

2.    She was tired. She was beginning to think it was time that people left, but they all were talking about Germany.

3.    Anyway, I hope you will let me know what happens.

4.    She went into the kitchen to do the washing up, which she always did, these days, carefully, before going to bed.

5.    When Rose got home, she found her baby-sister Eileen had fallen asleep. 6. He did not see how she could possibly be serious, however much she might look it. 7. He looked at me as if I were a magician who could read his soul.