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that into consideration. 8. It was impossible to go for a walk yesterday: it was raining all day long.

Exercise 288. Use the pronoun one (ones) to avoid the repetition of the preceding noun.

Model: The red pencil is sharper, than the blue pencil. — The red pencil is sharper than the blue one.

1. The new flat is more comfortable than the old flat.

2. The white dress is as nice as the yellow dress. 3. The brown shoes are as expensive as the black shoes. 4. The thin book has as many pages as the thick book. 5. The cotton dress is not so expensive as the silk dress. 6. This film is more interesting than that film. 7. I don’t like this coat. Show me another coat. 8. The shop assistant showed me two suits of different colours. I chose the blue suit. .    ,

‘I’ '*

Exorcise 289. Fill in the blanks with the pronouns many, much, a lot of, lots of, plenty of, a good deal of, a great deal of.

1. I’ve got ... friends in this village. 2. There was ... snow in the mountains last winter. 3. Don’t hurry. You’ve got ... time. 4. It took her ... time to clean the room. She works very slowly. 5. ... people think so. 6. I didn’t eat ... for breakfast. 7. She put so ... salt in the soup that nobody could eat it. 8. He spends ... money on books. 9. Has the town changed ...? 10. Did he make ... mistakes in his dicta tion? 11. My room has as ... windows as yours. 12. We have ... fruit this summer. 13. ... of what you say is true.

14. There isn’t... water in the pond today. 15,1 haven’t... stamps from this country.

Exercise 290. Fill in the blanks with few, little, a few,

a little.    -    ,

1. I couldn’t buy the coat because I had ... money left, -

2. Let us buy some ice-cream, I have ... money left. 3. pupils speak English as well as she does. 4. There were very ... people in the streets, 5. We can’t play because we have too ... time. 6. Give me ... apples. 7. They spent... days in the country and then returned home. 8. Ask Ann to help you to translate the text; she knows French ... 9. Mary works hard at her English. She makes ... mistakes in her speech. 10. Can you lend me ... money?    .    .*■