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стр. 346

is ... milk in the jug. 5. Mother has bought ... butter.

6. There aren’t... mistakes in my dictation, 7. There are ... lakes in this district. 8. Have you ... relatives in Sochi?

9. I've read ... English stories this month. 10. Have you ... French newspapers?

Exercise 285. Answer the following questions.

1. Have you any brothers or sisters? 2. Have you got any English books? 3. Are there any pictures on the walls of your room? 4. Are there any trees in front of your house? 5. Can any of your friends speak German?

6. Have you read any English books this year? 7. Did you receive any letters yesterday? 8. Did you find anybody in your classroom when you came to school today? 9. Is there anything on your table now? 10. Did you invite anybody to your last birthday party? 11. Did anybody invite you to dinner last week? 12. Is there anything in your pocket now?

Exercise 286. Replace the pronoun any and its derivaties by no or its derivatives making other necessary changes.

Model: I haven't any German books. — I have no German books. She doesn't know anything.She knows nothing.

1. The little boy hasn’t any toys. 2. There isn’t any j water in the jug. 3. There aren’t any fruit trees in the jj park. 4. We haven’t any classes on Sunday. 5. It was so ; dark that we couldn’t see anything. 6. We haven’t learned i any new words this week. 7. She did not ask anyone to i help her. 8. I didn’t see anyone there. 9. I didn’t know ; anything about it. 10. There wasn’t any theatre in our town before the war.    |

Exercise 287. Paraphrase the sentences using the indefinite > pronoun one as in the model.    ^

Model: It is necessary for everyone to go in for sports. — One >

must go in for sports.    j

1. It is necessary to be careful while crossing the road, j

2. It is necessary to read newspapers every day. 3. It is % possible to find any book in this library. 4. It is impossible } to master a foreign language without working hard. 5. It 1 is impossible to forget that day. 6. It is necessary to air ; the room before going to bed. 7. It is necessary to take ■