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is their classroom. 7. This is our bus. 8. This is her suggestion.

B. Model: Your room is large. Jane's room is larger.

•    Jane's room is larger than yours.

1. My watch is good. Your watch is better. 2. My pen is bad. His pen is worse. 3. Their house is old. Our bouse is older. 4. His camera is expensive. Nick’s camera is more expensive. 5. Her story is interesting. Her friend’s story is more interesting. 6. Our teacher is young. Your teacher is younger. .

,    ^    1    .    *    ■    S-\ ',ГЛ 7. '    ■';    *

Exercise 281. Complete the sentences by adding reflexive pronouns.

Model: Гие repaired my TV set...Гие repaired my TV set myself.

1. I’ll go to the post-office ... . 2. She cooks breakfast....

3.    We’ll water the flowers ... . 4. The soldiers built the

bridge ... . 5. Mother said to the boy, “You must always make your bed 6, In your place, I should go there ... .

7. The professor performed the operation ... . 8. The chief engineer went to the ministry ... .    ,

Exercise 282. Put into the plural.

1. This is an apple. 2. That is a house. 3. That is a car.

4.    This is a chair. 5. Is this a table? 6. Is that a star? 7. Is

this a garden? 8. Is that a bus?    л ... .

Exercise 283. Use the demonstrative pronouns that (those) to avoid the repetition of the preceding noun.

Model: This stadium is better than the stadium in our town. — This stadium is better than that in our town.

1. Our flat is more comfortable than the flat of our neighbour. 2. The price of a motor car is higher than the price of a motor cycle. 3, The windows of our classroom are larger than the windows of our flat. 4. Though he is young, his face is like the face of an old man. 5. The sum of 5 and 7 is equal to the sum of 9 and 3.6. These flowers are more beautiful than the flowers growing near our house.

Exercise 284. Fill in the blanks with some or any. :

1.1 have ... English books. 2. Are there ... arm-chairs in the room? 3. There isn’t... chalk in the classroom. 4. There