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стр. 339

Exercise 261. Choose the right form of the noun from the brackets.

X. Two ... were playing on the doorstep (child/children).

2. A ... looked round the comer of the bouse (woman/ women). 3. The ... was large, and had a faded Morris wallpaper (room/rooms). 4. A... drove up, the large... leaped from the chair and raised its voice in a crescendo of barking (car/cars, dog/dogs). 5. A tall ... of about fifty-seven came into sight (man/men). 6. But ... who read my books know what he’s like (people/peoples). 7. The... ran twinkling across the road (water/waters). 8. Why do ... represent in pictures the faces of their fellow men? (painter/painters). 9. The ... was supposed to assemble at seven-thirty in the Common Room (company/companies). 10. The ... opened to admit Sir Leopold (door/doors). 11. The ... of the feast had been removed (remnant/remnants), 12. “You have read the morning papers, I presume?” “Yes, M.Poirot. The ... from Geneva is not very good” (new/news). r.. v

Exercise 262. Replace the of-phrase by the Possessive Case where possible. '

1. the pen of our teacher; 2. the window of this room; 3. the bicycle of Tom; 4. the boy of her child; 5. the back of the chair; 6. the order of the captain; 7. the bags of her pupils; 8. the banks of the river; 9. the arrival of the actors;

10. the father of Pick. ...

Exercise 263. Paraphrase the following using the Posses sive Case.

1. the pen that belongs to Jack; 2. the camera that - belongs to my friend; 3. the books that belong to her pupils;

4. the shoes that belong to the girl; 5- the flats that belong to the workers; 6. the car that belongs to this miner;

7. the coat that belongs to his brother; 8. the watch that belongs to the teacher.

Exercise 264. Translate the following word combinations.

winter winds; oak forest; food industry; grammar mistake; summer holidays; evening dress; state power; school age; railway station; stone wall; iron ore; river transport; winter sport; heart diseases; apple orchard; Glasgow demonstration; school year; war industry; silk dress; passenger plane; animal products.