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стр. 328

J. The woman was shouting at the boys. We heard it* ■

2. The birds were singing in the trees. She heard it. 3. The man was trying to unlock the door. I noticed it. 4. The boy was whistling. They heard it. 5. The children were swimming in the river. We watched it.

Exercise 237. Paraphrase the following using the Objective Participle Complex. - '    ‘    ' •    ■    ■

Mo del: The hear dresser did her hair.She had her hair done.

1. The tailor made a suit for him. 2. The worker repaired his car. 3. The photographer took a photograph of him.

4.    The typist typed his article for him. 5. The waitress

brought them dinner. 6. His wife washed and ironed his shirt. 7. Their daughter cooked supper for them. 8. The porter brought his luggage into the car.    _

Exercise 238. Transform the following complex sentences ■ into simple ones using the Absolute Participle Complex.

A.    Model: As the weather was fine, we went for a walk,

The weather being fine, we went for a walk,

1. As my friend lives far from here, I go to his place by bus. 2. As the play was very popular, it was difficult to get tickets. 3. As it is rather cold, I put on my coat. 4. As his mother teaches English, he knows the language very well.

5.    As her son was ill, she could not go to the theatre.

B.    Model: As my brother had locked the door, I couldn’t get

into the room. — My brother having locked the door, I couldn’t get into the room.

1. As our teacher had visited India, we asked him to tell us about that country. 2. When the match had ended, the people went home. 3. As my friend had bought the tickets beforehand, we did not need to hurry. 4. After the sun had risen, we continued our way. 5. As his sister has broken his spectacles, he had to buy a pair of new ones.

C.    Model: As the bridge was destroyed, we couldn't cross the

river,The bridge being destroyed, we couldn’t '    cross    the    river.

1. As all shops were closed, we couldn’t buy anything.

2. As the road was being repaired, I couldn’t go there by bus. 3. As the book was being printed, we hoped to get it soon. 4. As houses are built very quickly nowadays, we’ll soon get a new flat. 5. As the waiting-room was being cleaned, the passengers were not let in.