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стр. 326

reading-hall every day. 4. As we had booked tickets beforehand, we went to the theatre half an hour before the performance began. 5. After they received the telegram, they packed and left for Glasgow*

F. Model: We live in the city which wa* founded 1100 years ago. — We live in the city founded 1100 years a6°‘

1. We live in a house which was built last year. 2. She received a telegram which was sent yesterday; 3. I’ve got a TV set which was made in Japan. 4. The decisions which were adopted at the conference are supported by many scientists. 5. The machines which are made at our plant are exported to many countries of the world.

Exercise 232. Replace one of the homogeneous predicates by Participle I.

Model: The girls walked home and sang. — The girls walked home singing.

1. She looked at me and smiled. 2. The children sat and watched television. 3. The girl spoke and trembled. 4. The children ran about and shouted. 5. He turned over the pages of a book and looked at the pictures. 6. The man read a book and made notes from time to time.

Exercise 233. Find the participles, state their form and function in the sentence. Translate the sentences.

1. Then he sat for several minutes in a chair, his face down in one hand, thinking of nothing (HigU&mith)

2. She came into the dressing-room to look for things belonging to their father and mother. (Gaskell) 3. The room was almost dark, lit only by the light coming from the kitchen (Branon) 4. Still looking at me, she shook her head while I was speaking. (Dickens) 5.1 saw a passing shadow on her fans. (Dickens) 6. He walked around, sayiag nothing. (Heym) 7. Mary sat still looking at the writing. (Gaskell) 8. We sat there talking about our pleasant old Canterbury days. (Dickens) 9. Th£y ran to the steps leading down the water. (Gaskell) 10. Dressing myself as quickly as I could I went for a walk. (Dickens) 11. She felt like a little girl having a magical birthday {Steel)

12. Mary stood for a time in silence, watching and listening. (Gaskell)    .