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Exercise 231. Transform the following sentences usin^ participle phrases instead of the subordinate clauses. .

A.    Model: The boys who live in this house formed a football

... team.The boys living in this house formed a football team.

1. Most of the people who work at our factory have received comfortable flats in new houses. 2. Many pupils who learn English are members of our English club. 3. The man who sells newspapers showed me the way to the post office. 4. The students who live on the left bank of the river cross this bridge twice a day. 5. The woman who teaches English at our school studied in Tver.    - -    ...

B.    Model: The girls who are watering flowers are my

friends.The girls watering flowers are my friends.

1. The man who is making the report is our history teacher. 2. The workers who are repairing the road go home by bus. 3. The girl who is reciting the poem is our teacher’s daughter. 4. The boys who are playing hockey live in our house. 5. The women who are working in the field go to the exhibition.    '

C.    Model: When we arrived in London, we went sightseeing.

Arriving in London, we went sightseeing.

1. When she heard her name, she turned round. 2. When we saw our teacher, we stopped and waited for her. 3. When he came home, he switched on the TV set. 4. As I entered the hall, I saw my friends dancing round the fir-tree. 5. As I went out of the shop, I met my schoolmate.

D.    Model: When I read this story, I came across many new

words.When reading this story, I came across many new words.

1. When the pupils discussed this novel, they expressed their thoughts in good literary language. 2. When Jane cooked dinner, she forgot to salt it. 3. When Paul studied at the University, he wrote several articles. 4. While I was waiting for you, I read this magazine.

E.    Model: When she finished her work, she went home.

Having finished her work, she went home.

1. After we had passed our examinations we went to a summer camp. 2. As I had lost my key, I couldn’t get in,

3. When Nick had a dictionary, he did not have to go to the

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