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“Never marry a woman who drinks. Lips that touch liquor shall never touch yours!”. 13. You shall have the photograph you want.    .    t

Exercise 204.Paraphrase the sentences nsing the verb shall.

Model: Do you want me to repeat it? — Shall I repeat it?

1. Do you want me to turn on the radio? 2. Do you want me to write this word on the blackboard? 3. Do you want me to lock the door? 4. Do you want me to poet the letter?

5. Do you want him to fetch the book? 6. Do you want us to water the flowers?    .    .    .    .    .    .....

♦    *    ;j.    :* . :si ■*"; v

WILL (WOULD) 1 " '    •

Exercise 205. Paraphrase the following using the verbs

will (would),    ■=

Models: Close the window, please.Wilt (would) you close the window?

I shall willingly buy it.I will buy it.

I can’t write with this pen.This pen won’t write.

A.    1. Come in, please. 2. Pass me the salt, please. 3. Please wait for me a little. 4. Give me your pen, please. 5. Turn on the light, please.

B.    1, I shall willingly play chess with him. 2. We shall willingly work in the field in summer. 3. We shall willingly go to the theatre this evening. 4.1 shall willingly help you.

C.    1. I can’t open the window. 2. I couldn’t turn on the TV set. 3. I can’t cut bread with this knife. 4. We can’t work with this machine. 5. She couldn’t close the suitcase.

Exercise 206. Translate the sentences into Russian. Pay special attention to the meaning and use of the modal verb will.

1.1 cannot and will not have scenes like this in the room where I work. 2.1 will not talk to you. I will not be black mailed by a stupid emotional woman. 3. “I won’t hear a word against Italian girls”, said Lauro. “And especially my wife”.4. “Gelda! Gelda!”, said the mother. “You will stop, Gelda. You will say not more. You will be silent”. 5. So, if you will allow me to join your party, I will also go to the Emerald City and ask Oz to help me. 5. Don’t laugh, Jane. I won't have it. 6. “I will not have this misunderstanding come between us, Charles. I shall have it out with him