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стр. 309

talk to her friends. 8. I’ve never been to this place before but it think it should be good. 9. Of course one should have outside visitors more often. 10. Should I go out now, go away until they’ve come and gone? 11. You shouldn’t criticize foreigners in Nancy’s presence. 12.1 think that child should be taken home. 13. You should bum those letters and forget it. 14. Should you mind putting your coat on an coming round with me to see a friend?

Exercise 199. Translate the sentences into Russian. Pay special attention to the meaning and use of the modal verb ought to.

1. But I ought to do something, oughtn’t I, about that letter that came today? 2. I ought to never have kept you up so late. 3. You ought to be getting home. I’ve kept you too long. 4. “We ought to set off back, now”, he said.

5.    Ought I not to set them free, to tell Arthur now that he should see Crystal more, that Crystal needed protection?

6.    It made his blood boil to see little creatures of five or six crossing Picadilly alone. The police ought to have stopped the traffic at once. 7 v Clarice started to tell her mother that she ought to give him one more chance. 8. “Munnie”, Bert said, “don’t you think we ought to send your father a cable?”

9. Do you think I ought to tell them about it? 10. Yoiii ought to come and see us at the College next time you’re home. 11. I suppose you ought to prosecute in the public interest. 12.1 think perhaps I ought to see your mother and discuss future plans. 13. The weather ought to be all right.

14.1    ought to get in touch with poor George. 15. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, a big beast like you, to bite a poor little dog? 16. Sid was the life of that picnic. You ought to have heard himl 17. She ought never to have been employed at Marlborough House. It was like offering a lamb to a wolf.

18.1    think you ought to be careful about the kind of movies you go' to. I think you ought to see only the best ones.

Exercise 200. Paraphrase the following using the verbs should and ought.

A.    1.1 advise you to buy this coat. 2.1 advise you to go in for skating. 3. I advise you to read this book in the original. 4.1 advise you to consult a doctor. 5.1 don’t advise you to go there tonight.

B.    1. I think you must wait for them. 2. I think you mustn't go there alone. 3. I think you must apologize to