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стр. 303

1. I must catch up with my class. 2. The man his house. 3. She must turn off the radio. 4. You must there at nine. 5. The girl must water flowers, в. They get up at six. 7. His sister must go shopping. 8. We mustei^ work in the reading-hall. 9. They must stay at homely

10. You must pay for it.    ?

Exercise 186. Answer the following questions.

1. What time do you get up? 2. What time do you get up on Sunday? 3. What time must you come to school? 4. What , time must children go to bed? 5. What must you do in the ■ morning? 6. What must you do in the evening? 7. What must you do in the afternoon? 8. What must you do to know English well? 9. What must the pupil on duty do?

10. What must a lawyer know?

Exercise 187. Paraphrase the following using the verb must.

Models:/ am sure she is at home now.She must be at home now.

'    I    am    sure they arrived in Stravropol yesterday.

They must have arrived in Stravropol yesterday.

A.    1. I’m sure you are very tired. 2. I’m sure your friend is a very modest girl, 3. Fm sure he is ill. 4. I'm sure they know you. 5. I’m sure he has plenty of time. 6. I’m sure he is a very good doctor. 7. I’m sure she is an experienced teacher. 8. I’m sure you like such films.

B.    1. I’m sure he is skating now. 2. I’m sure they are working in the garden. 3. Evidently they are preparing for their examinations. 4. I’m sure she is cooking dinner now.

5. Evidently your friend is fishing, 6. Fm sure they are listening to the music. 7. Evidently he is playing computer games now. 8. I’m sure the child is sleeping already.

C.    1. I’m sure you saw this performance last year. 2. Fm sure it happened on Sunday. 3. Evidently his daughter has finished the secondary school. 4. Fm sure he has fallen ill.

5. Evidently I have lost my pen. 6. Fm sure he has left his book at home. 7. Evidently they have gone away. 8. I’m sure the girl has known him since 1992.

D.    1. Fm sure they have been working here since morning.

2.    Evidently he has been waiting for you for half an hour.

3.    Fm sure she has been learning English for three years.

4.    Fm sure they have been living here for a number of years. 5. Fm sure they have been discussing this question since two o’clock. 6. Fm sure he’s been playing chess ever