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стр. 289

pay/will pay/should pay/would have paid)> 3. И indeed 1»

......for a path to the boat statiou, he would have kept ои

the lower level near the river (was looking/were looking/ has been looking/had been lookmg).4, “If one ... what to ; look for, it would be so easy”, said Hercule Poirot to himself. “But one doesn't know what to look for. And So one looks in wrong places or for wrong things” (know/knows/knew/has; known/had known). 5. “Darling, don’t cry.-1 wouldn’t have

told you, if I......it was going to upset you” think/thinks

/thought/have thought/had thought). 6. Even If they me to stay, I should have refused (want/wants/wanted/ ! has wanted/had wanted). 7. “Well, why can't you travel to : distant countries”? If I ... your age, I’d do it like a shot

(am/is/are/wiil be/were/hadbeen). 8. If I...... it, I

wouldn’t say it (don't mean/did not mean/will not mean/ had not meant). 9. “I respect you very much, doctor, and should be sorry if you ... ill of me" (think/will think/ thought/had thought). 10. After all, if he ... any talent, I should be the first to encourage it (has/have/had/have had/ has had). 11. “Do you think, if you ... ill, he would stir a finger to help you?” (is/was/are/were/has been/had been).

12. It would be dreadful if she ... nowhere to go (have/ has/had/had had).    ■    .

Exercise 154. Complete the following sentences.

A.    1. If I were you ... 2. If I had money about me ...

3 .If my father were an engineer ... 4. If I were a doctor ...

5. If the weather were fine today ... 6. If it were dark in the room ... 7. If we had spare time ... 8. If I knew Spanish ... 9. If it had been cold yesterday ... 10. If I hadn't seen this film...

B.    1. Her father would buy a piano for her if ... 2. The book would have been published last year if ... 3. They wouldn't have gone there if 4. I would join you if ...

5. My friend would buy this dress ... 6. She would have answered your letter if ... 7. The pupils wouldn’t have made so many mistakes if ... 8.1 should have missed the train if ...

Exercise 155. Answer the following questions.    <    :

1. Where would you go if you wanted to buy a book?

2.    Where would you go if you wanted to see a film?

3.    Where would you have gone yesterday if you had wanted to see a football match? 4. Would you have gone to the