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стр. 287

know the city, so she won’t show1 you the way to the museum.

8.    My brother doesn’t know Japanese, so he won’t be sent

to Tokyo conference. 9. His car is not big, so it won’t take us all. 10. Our exams aren't over yet, so we won’t go to the seaside with you.    .    .

В. 1. Nick didn’t work hard, so he didn’t pass his exami nation. 2. My sister was busy last night, во she didn’t watch television. 3. You didn’t send me a telegram* so Г didn’t meet you at the station. 4. The weather was bad the day before yesterday, so the children didn’t go to the forest.

5. We went to Paris by plane, so we came in time. 6.1 wasn’t sent there, so I didn’t make a report at the conference.

7. She didn’t switch on the light, so she didn’t see the note on the table. 8. I didn’t take money with. meu $o I didn’t buy bread. 9. My father did not notice you on the bus-stop, so he didn’t give yoy a lift. Ю. They didn’t send her an invitation, so she didn’t come to their wedding. -

Exercise 151. Paraphrase the sentences as in the models.

Models:/7wt>e no dictionary, so I cantt translate the text, — If I Had a dictionary, I could translate the text.

■ I can't get a (Actionary, so I won’t translate the text.If I could get a dictionary, I would translate tke text.

A.    1.1 didn’t know your address, so I couldn’t send you a letter. 2. Mary is ill, so she can’t go to school today. 3. It is late, so they can’t finish this Work today. 4. My friend does not know English, so he can’t read this book in the original. 5.1 didn’t see him yesterday, so I couldn’t tell him about it. 6. He didn’t take his spectacles, so he couldn’t read on the train. 7. They didn’t take fishing-rods with them, so they couldn’t fish in the lake. 8. The teacher didn’t correct our dictations, so he couldn’t tell us our marks.

9.    We didn’t take new batteries for our tape-recorder, so we

couldn’t listen to music. 10. It is dark In the corridor, so we can’t find the keys.    ■

B.    1. We can’t get tickets* so we shan’t go to the circus.

2. She can’t read English, so she doesn’t subscribe to Moscow Times. 3. I couldn’t see them, so I didn’t tell them about today’s meeting. 4.1 couldn’t go to the elnema, so I didn’t see the film. 5. He can’t sing, so he doesn’t take part in the concert. 6. He can’t hear us from this distance* so he won’t return. 7. My father can’t drive the car, so he won’t take us to the station. 8. The children couldn’t lift the lid of the box* so they didn’t see what was inside. 9. He can't swim