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стр. 286

Exercise 148. Transform the following, using the Present Subjunctive 11 in the subordinate clauses.

Model: If Peter works hard, he will pass his examination. — ' If Peter worked hard, he would past his examination.

1. If the water is warm, we shall bathe in the river. 2. If there is much snow in January, they will go skiing every day. 3. If the rain etops, the girls will go for a walk. 4. If he is not very busy, he will help you. 5. If she comes tomorrow, she will join us. 6. If I send the money at once, my dog will be returned alive and well. 7. If she is given the chance to go backagain, she will take it. 8. If you put in a word for me, it will help so much, 9. If you’ve spoken the truth; you won't have anything to complain about. 10. If Ackroyd learns the truth he will have no mercy on you.

Exercise 149. Make the following sentences refer to the past. ;

Model: If he left at ten, he would catch the train.— If he had left at ten, he would have caught the train. -

1. If she were attentive, she wouldn’t make so'many mistakes. 2. The boy would post your letter if you gave it to him. 3. If I knew the number of his telephone» I should ring him up. 4. If I received any news, I should let you know.

5, She would buy that dress if she had money with her. 6. If that were so, he would hardly give his partner his address.

7. If it were just a whim, he would get over it. 8. If it weren't for the children, Mrs,Stricldand wouldn’t mind anything. 9. It would be dreadful if she had nowhere to go. ;

10.1 wouldn't approve of paying such sum of money if I knew anything about it.

Exercise 150. Paraphrase the sentences as in the models.

Models : Nick doesn't know English, so I don't speak English.

wttk ktm.If Nick knew English, I should speak : English with htm.

We didn*t take a taxi, eo we missed the train. — If we had taken a taxi, we wouldn't have missed the train,

A. 1.1 don't live far from school, so I don't go there by bus. 2. It is very cold, so the children will not go for a walk. - 3. She is tired, so she won’t play basket-ball today. 4.1 am | not ill, so I shall not go to a doctor. 5. My father has no .? spare time, so he won’t play chess with me today. 6,1 don’t: know him, so I won’t ask him to help me. 7. She doesn’t |

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