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Vladivostok in the shortest time possible. Would you go there by train or by plane? 3. Suppose tomorrow is your friend’s birthday. What would you buy for him as a present?

4. Suppose the weather is fine tomorrow. What would you do after classes? 5. Suppose it’s raining heavily now. Would you go for a walk?

В. 1. Suppose you were very busy last night. Would you have watched television? 2. The other day the librarian offered me a popular science book and a novel. What would you have chosen 7 3. Yesterday I could go to the theatre or to the cinema. What would you have done in my place?

4. Last summer I could spend my holidays in the country or in the Caucasus. Where would you have gone in my place? 5. Suppose you had dinner in the dining-room yesterday. Would you have taken cutlets or fried fish for the second course?    ■■

Exercise 144. Make up five sentences from the table.

I wish

she were at home

last year.

I had finished school


they knew my address

today. ;

he were not so busy


I had been told the truth

at present.

he worked at our school

at that time.

I had not told her about it


Exercise 145. Paraphrase the following sentences.    .

Model: It's a pity she is so indifferent to music. — / wish she were not so indifferent to music. Unfortunately, I did not see him there. — I wish I had seen him there.

A.    1. It’s a pity he is not at school now. 2. It’s a pity you are so absent-minded. 3. I am sorry I don’t speak French.

4. Unfortunately, he is busy now. 5. What a pity you are leav ing our school. 6. It’s a pity she is so shy. 7. I am sorry I can’t help you. 8. Unfortunately, I have no English dictiona ry. 9. It’s a pity I don’t know his telephone number. 10. It’s a pity I am not tall enough to play basketball. И. It’s a pity he doesn’t live in our town.

B.    1.1 am sorry I haven't read that article. 2. It’s a pity . she went there yesterday. 3. What a pity she wasn’t invited ■ to take part in the concert. 4. Unfortunately, the night was } very dark. 5.1 am sorry I said this in his presence, 6, -It’s a j pity the weather was so bad. 7. I am sorry I didn’t learn £


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