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Exercise 138. Put questions to the italicized words. "

1. The .letter will be answered tomorrow. 2. They were shown many, place» of interests. Wheat is grown in each of these regionй. 4. This town was founded in the 15th century. 5. Water-power stations are being built on the mountain river», 0. She was told the hews when she came.

7. The film is much spoken about. 8. He was asked for his passport. 9. The address was poorly written in ink. 10, The room door was lacked now, on the inside.

Exercise 139. Ask when- and where-questions using the Paasive Voice.

Model: We sent a telegram on Monday.When was the telegram eertt?

1. The pupils wrote a dictation yesterday. 2. The girls water flowers in the evening. & The writer will publish his novel next year. 4. We met the delegation at the station.

5. The workers repaired the road in July. 6. The workers make motor cars at this plant. 7. Tom made this shelf last week. 8. The pupils will writeacomposition tomorrow.

9. They spoke about him at the trade-union meeting. 10. He parked his car in front of the house.

Exercise 140. Answer the following questions.

1. When was Moscow founded? By whom was it founded?

2.How    many years are spent on acquiring a secondary education. 3. Whereis Great Britain situated? 4. What are the British Isles washed by? 6. In what regions of our country is coal mined? 6. What industries are being developed in your region? 7, How many foreign languages are taught at your school? 8. At what time is your school library closed?

9.    What language is spoken in the United States of America?

10.    In what countries is English spoken? 11. What is butter ' made from? 12. Is your dress made of cotton or silk?

13. When was your school built? 14. What is being built in your town (village) now?

Exercise 141. Translate into English.

1. На этом заводе производят сельскохозяйственные ма шины. 2. Читальный зал проветривается четыре раза в день.

3.    Эта фабрика была построена десять лет тому назад.

4.    Учебники будут продавать завтра. 5. Когда была издана эта книжка? 6. Ей дали русско-английский словарь. 7. Ему