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стр. 281

job. 4. They gave the actress a bunch of flowers. 5. He showed me the way to the railway station. 6. They offered us two tickets for the concert.

В. 1. We sent for the doctor. 2. The children laughed at the little boy. 3. They look after the children. 4. The students listened to the professor with great interest. 5. People speak about this film very much. 6. The boys made fun of him.

Exersice 137. Choose the right form of the verb from the


1. This house ... by my husband's great-grandfather in 1790 (is built/are built/was built/will be built). 2. Poirot ... faintly ... by. the graciousness of the little lady’s manner(is ...puzzled/are ... puzzled/was...puzzled). 3. As a result of an earthquake, the house there ... ... and her parents and brothers and sisters all lost their livps (Is burned down/are4 burned down/was burned down/will be burned down).

4. While I sat there a note... me from the house (is brought/

has brought/was brought/had brought). 5.1.........in an

orphanage and then I ... ... by some people who died (is brought up/was brought up/has brought up/had brought up; is adopted/was adopted/have adopted/had adopted).

6. Andrew approached the Dumay’s house. The door of the house *+* as usual (is unlocked/are unlocked/was unlocked/ were unlocked). 7. The girl ... last ... here about twenty minutes to elevfen. By midnight, according to medical eviden ce she was dead (is seen/was seen/were seen). 8. Diana is a huntress, isn’t she? She ... always ... wearing a tunic (am portrayed/is portrayed/are portrayed). 9. He was lying о» his bed. His cheeks and hands......and swollen with scratch

es from the.fight (is scarred/Eire scarred/was scar red/were scarred). 10.1 don’t want to stop here. I......... (recognize/

will recognize/will be recognized). 11. While I sat there a note...... me from the house (bring/brings/is brought/was

brought). 12. The road to the City of Emeralds ... ... with yellow brick, so you cannot miss it (pave/payes/is paved/ was paved). 13. A second later I ... ... to a group of young American officers (was introduced/is being intro duced/was being introduced), li. Only two or three days later the Paris newspapers announced the birth of a Cox daughter, and declared that the child was ......... Juliette

(call/called). 15. Blore was lookmg at the handle of the chopper. He said: “No fingerprints. Handle...... afterwards”

(is wiped/are wiped/was Wiped).    :