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trees in October. They already (to plant) several hundred trees this year. 2. Ann (to have) her music lesson now. She (to have) her music lessons twice a week. 3. I am going to take a walk. I (to do) all my home exercises already. I (to do) them for three hours. 4. Since when they (to build) this house? 5. At last I (to find) the book I need. I (to look for) it for a quarter of an hour. 6. Don't shout. Helen (to read) an English book. She (to work) at her English every day. She (to learn) this language for three years. She (to read) many English stories this year. 7. What you (to do) in the morning? 8. What you (to do) since the morning? .

Exercise 120. Answer the following questions.

1. What is your favourite subject? How long have you been studying it? 2. When did you begin to learn English? How long have you been learning it? 3. When did you go to the library last time? What books did you take there? How long have you been keeping them? 4. Do you play chess? Since when have you been playing it? 5. Where did you buy your coat? Since when have you been wearing it? 6. Where do you live? How long have you been living there? 7.1 have been reading a book for five days. Today is the twenty-first of September. When did I begin to read it? 8. I began to do my homework at 6 o’clock. I’m still doing it. It is 8 o’clock now. How long have I been doing my home-work? 9. We began to discuss this question at two o’clock. We have been discussing it for an hour and a half. What time is it now?


10. The children have been watching television for 45, minutes. It is 7 o’clock now. At what time did they begin to watch television?    ■    ■

Exercise 121. Make up dialogues using the substitution table. A: What are you doing here? "    ,

B: I’m waiting for Pete.    v    •

reading humorous stories. ■ .    .    .    ,

looking for my key. ■

looking after my little brother. .    .

waiting for him? ■ reading them? looking for it? looking after him?

A: How long Since when

have you been

half an hour ■ a quarter of an hour, twenty minutes.

four o’clock.

B; For


I came home, my parents went to the cinema. i\