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left my watch; 7. if my neighbour has bought a new car;

8. if I have forgotten your name; 9. if I have returned the book to the library; 10. if I have locked the door of my flat.

Ask one of your classmates:

1. if he has read Gulliver's Travels by J.Swift; 2. if he has left his English book at home; 3, if he has brought his notebook to school; 4. if he has broken his pencil; 5. how many English books he has read this year; 6, how many examinations he has passed up to now; 7. how many questions to the text he has prepared; 8. where she has spent her holidays; 9. what name she has given to her dog; 10 .if she has ever been at the seaside.

Exercise 98. Answer the following questions.

1. Have you ever been to London? When were you there last? 2. Have you read anything by Jack London? Which of his stories did you read last year? 3. Have you ever travelled by air? When did you fly for the first time? 4. Have you had any dictations this month? When did you have them? 5. Have you read Robinson Crusoe by D.Defoe? When did you read it? 6. How many trees have you planted this year? Did you plant theft in autumn or in spring? 7. Have you had your dinner already? At what time did you have it?

Exercise 99. Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets.

Explain your choice.    '

1.1 ... her since she was practically a little girl (did not see/do not see/have not seen). 2. It’e ages since I ... you (see/sees/will see/have seen/has seen). 3. “Have you got the leaflets?’’ “They from the printers yet” (did not come/ have not come/doesn’t come/don’t come). 4. His wife has a headache and ... to lie down (went/have gone/has gone).

5. she......long? (was ... married/has ... married/has...

been married)” “About three years, 1 believe”. 6. My name is George Marvin Brush. I... two years ago from the College in South Dakota, {graduate/graduated/has graduated/have

graduated). 7. I’m so sorry. I......the vase. I was looking

for the matches (break/breaks/broke/have broken/has

broken). 8. After all, I......you since you were a schoolboy

(know/knows/have known/has known). 9. “The door is not

locked, is it?” “No”, Hugh said, - “it isn’t”. “It.........for

years" (is not locked/was not locked/haven’t been locked/ hasn’t been locked). 10. She was my husband’s sister. She ... ... widow for many years and she’s very well-to-do