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стр. 266

Exercise 9$. Make the following Interrogative and negative*

1. Mary has switched on the light. 2. My relative have received the parcel. 3.' Our grandfather has travelled much.

4, The toy has passed all his exams. 5. The little girl has broken the cup. 6. The director has signed the order.

7. They have seen “Swan Lake” at the Bolshoi Theatre, ft. You have paid for the stamps. 9. The pupils have solved the problem. 10. Robert has come back.

Exercise 94. Do as you are told and say wbat you have done. Model: Орец уоцг booh. I have opened my book.

1. Clean the blackboard. 2. Close your book. 3, Put your

Гп on the table. 4. Bring your daybook. 5, Open the door. Write the word “table” on the blackboard. 7. Shew me your note-book. 8. Put your pencil into your bag. 9. Take your English book out of your bag. 10. Come up to the table.

Exercise 95. Use the affirmative form of the Present Perfect instead of the negative form of the Present Continuous.

Model: I am not reading the bookf / have read the book.

1. The teacher is not explaining the rule. 2. Mother is not cooking dinner. 3.1 am not doing my homework. 4. The boy is not washing his bands. 6. We are not having breakfast.

6. Tom is not painting the fence, 7.1 am not cleaning my teeth. 8. The girl is not learning, the poem. 9. I am not mending my socks. 10. The ehildren are not drinking milk.

Exercise 96. Extend the following sentences as in the model.

Model: lam not going to do this exercise. — I am not gotng to do this exercise because I have done it already.

1.1 am not going to read this story. 2.1 am not going to see this film. 3. We are not going to discuss this book.

4. He is not going to have dinner. &. They are not going to repair the road, б. I am not going to buy a TV set. 7. She is not going to wash the dishes. 8.1 am not going to answer this letter. 9.1 am not going to turn off the tape recorder.

10, We are not going to learn this poem by heart.

Exercise 97. Ask questions as you are told.

Ask me:    ;

1. if I have ever been to Yerevan; 2. if I have travelled much; 3. if I have travelled by air; 4. if I have ever played tennis; 5. if I have corrected your dictations; 6. where I have