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стр. 258

wind is blowing; 5. what I am thinking about; 6. whom t am waiting for: 7. what I am going to do: 8. where I am standing;

9. if l am going to the theatre; 10. if 1 often go to the theatre; 11. if I am speaking German; 12. if 1 speak German;

13. if it is raining; 14. if it often rains in autumn;

15. where I am going; 16. where I go in the morning.

Ask your classmate:    .

1. if he is having supper; 2. whether he is doing his homework; 3. whether his friends are playing volley-ball;

4. what he is writing; 5. what he is listening to; 6. if he is skating; 7. if he skates well; 8. what he is doing; 9. what he does in the morning; 10. what languages he studies.

Exercise 69. Put questions to the italicized words.

1. The children are planting trees, 2, They are working v in the garden, 3; The girl is trying on a dress. 4. Nick is talking with his friends. 5. The students are reading.

6. The man is sitting in the armchair. 7. The girl is drawing,

8. The woman is wearing a blue dress. 9. Peter's brother is riding a bicycle. 10. They are talking about the film. 11. He is speaking over the telephone. 12, The boy is running fast because it is raining.

Exercise 70, Choose the right form of the verb from the brackets. Explain your choice.    „

1. I’m interested in what you ... about,yourself (says/is saying/ are saying). 2. “I’m not going to take it, Herb”. “You ... your time, really” (waste/wastes/is wasting/are wasting). 3. “I told them to get right out”. “And what... they..., Queenie?” (do ... pack/does ... pack/is ... packing/ are ... packing). 4. “You mean Mr. Jackson's nephew”. “Whose nephew?” “Mr. Arnold Jackson”. “I don*t think

we......of the same person”, answered Bateman (speaks/is

speaking/are speaking). 5. He laughed. She glanced quickly over: “Why ... you ... ?" (does ... laugh/do ... laUgh/is ... laughing/are ... laughing), 6. The Wedding is set for May

21 st. I......you on May 21 st (am marrying/is marrying/

are marrying). 7. I say, listen! Someone......a bath (is

having/are having).

Exercise 71.Replace the infinitive in brackets by the Present Indefinite or the Present Continuous.

1. We (to gather) mushrooms in summer. 2. The children are in the forest now. They (to gather) mushrooms. 3. Where