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Exercise 57. Combine the given sentences asm the model.

Model: He will get tickets. We shall go to the theatre. — // he gets tickets, we shall go to the theatre.

1. The weather will be fine. The children will go од a trip] 2. Peter will come to see me. We’ll play chess. 3. Mother will not allow us to go to the cinema. We’ll see the film on the television. 4. The wind will blow from the west. It will rain. 5. You won’t wake me up. Г11 miss the train. €. We’ll take a taxi. We’ll catch the train. 7.1 shall fall ill. I’ll call a doetor. 8. He won’t come in time. We’ll go without him.

9.    It will rain on Sunday. The children will stay at home.

10.    ГП see her. I’ll invite her to our conference.

Exercise 58. Ask questions as in the models.

Models '.Ask me If I shall stay here. — Will you stay here?

Ask me what Г11 do If I fall ill. — What will you do if you fall ill?

Ask me:

1. if I shall get up early tomorrow; 2. if 1*11 have dinner at three; 3. at what time Г11 have supper this evening;

4. what I shall do tomorrow; 5. when you will have a test in English; 6. whether I shall wait till you come back; 7. if 1 shall go to the river if it rains; 8. where I shall go in the evening if I am not tired; 9. when И1 go to Samara if I don’t get a ticket today; 10. how. Г11 spend ray day off if the weather is bad.

Exercise 59. Answer the following questions.

1. At what time will you get up tomorrow? 2. What will you do tomorrow morning? 3. At what time will you come home from school? 4. When will you-help your mother about the house? 5. When will you do your homework?

6. What will you do this evening? 7. At what time will you go to bed? 8. How old! are you? How old will you be next year? How old will you bfe in three years? 9. When will you finish the secondary school? 10. Will you try to enter the institute? 11. Will you go to the cinema on Saturday?

12. When will you go to the theatre? 13. Will you be busy tonight? Will you listen to the news before you go to bed?

14. Who will wake you up tomorrow? 15. What will you do after you finish the secondary school? 16. Will you go to school tomorrow if you feel bad?