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was in my native village; 5. if I was busy yesterday; 6. where I was yesterday; 7. whether I was at home last night; 8* where I was last night; 9. H my daughter was at the theatre last night; 10. when I was in Minsk; 11. if I was ill the day before yesterday; 12. when my brother was in Orenburg.

Exercise 40. Answer the following questions.

1. Where you at school yesterday? 2. Were you in the Crimea last summer? 3. Was your mother at home last Sunday? 4. Were you in the country in July? 5. Were you at the cinema last night? 6. When were you at the cinema last time? What was on? 7. When were you at the theatre last time? 8. With whom were you at the theatre? 9. When were you born? 10. Where were you born?

Exercise 47. Make up dialogues by using the substitution table.

A: Did you

play chess    yesterday?

go to the theatre    last night? ,

go skating '    ‘    *    last Sunday?

go shopping    after classes?

B: No, I didn't, A: Why not?

B: Because I

was tired. ' was'busy.

was ill.    ■

had no time, had no companion.

Exercise 48. Read the sentences; Analyse them and explain the use of the Past Indefinite Tense form with the did-auxiliary in the affirmative sentences. Translate them into Russian. 1. So you did inquire about that didn’t you? 2. It did cross my mind for one moment that Miss Russell might have deliberately invented this pain in her knee. 3. “You being here”, doctor, “you must know exactly what she did say”.

4. Now we know that someone from outside did come to the house that night. 5. It was fairly certain that he did go to the summer-house. 6.1 inquired the company in question. Their reply was that Mr. Ackroyd did buy a dictaphone from their representative. 7. But 1 did see Willie shake hands that morning with Tiny Duffy. 8. Well, he did run when the time came.

9. She promised to have dinner with me any time 1 wanted, and she did have dinner with me, several times, 10. After all, I did work for the fellow whom everybody disliked. 11. We were very busy. But of course I did see a good deal of her.