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way; 11. which of my pupils made no mistake in the last dictation; 12. who gave me this magazine; 13. which-of my friends came tasee me yesterday; 14. why I decided to become a teacher; IS. who told me about it: 16. when they told me about it.

Exercise 39. Put questions to the italicized words.

1. They started work at nine o'clock this morning.

2. Peter saw them in the park. 3. The pupils understood the rule very well. 4. His brother went to the Urals every year.

5. The boy ate an apple. 6. My aunt grew beautiful roses.

7. She played tennis badly. 8. The children drank milk in the morning. 9. My wife saw your cousin in the hospital.

10.    They lost their way because if was dark. 11. The room smelled of onion and chicken. 12. He turned on the car radio. 13. He looked at his watch. 14. Val took him a cup of coffee and a sandwich. 15. They walked the remaining short distance to the bankin silence.

Exercise 40. Answer the following questions.

1. At what time do you usually get up? 2. At what time do you go to bed? 3. 'At what time did you get up this morning? 4. At what time did you go to bed last night?

5. What do you do in the evening? 6. What did you do last week? 7. Where do you usually have dinner? 8. Where did you have dinner yesterday? 9. What do you do on your days off? 10. What did you do on your last day off?

11.    How do you spend your winter holidays? 12. How did

you spend your last winter holidays? 13, Where do you usually spend your summer holidays? 14. Where did you spend your last summer holidays? ! 5. At what time do you usually come home from school? 16. At what time did you come home from school yesterijey? 17. When do you go to the cinema? 18. When did you go to the cinema last time? 19. What kind of films do you like? 20. Did you like the film you saw last?    ,

Exercise 41. Change the verb to be Into the Pafct Indefinite.

1.1 am a pupil. 2. They are at school. 3. His father is a worker. 4. She is a schoolgirl. 5. You are tired. 6. His parents are farmers. 7. The girls are at the theatre. 8. Peter is ill.

9. Is the doctor at the hospital? 10. Are you ready to go there? 11. I am hungry. 12. They are guilty. 13. This computer is several years old.