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стр. 244

(do/does)? 5. Let us turn. I......to go near her'(don’t

want/doesn’t want). 6. L.. ... you ought to dress up as a silly man .because you’re so pretty (don’t think/doesn’t think). 7. The Andover crime ... nothing to him (mean/

means/do not mean/doesn’t mean). 8.1......in that story

for a minute (don’t believe/doesn’t believe). 9, ... they... bees on this island? Tell me that. Where... we ... for honey?

(do ... keep/does ... keep/do ... go/does ... go). 10.1......

that song (don’t like/doesn’t like),

Exercise 27. Answer the following questions.

1. Have you got a brother? 2, How many brothers and sisters have you? 3. Have you any relatives in Rostov? 4* Have you a book-case? 5. Have you got a bag? 6. What have you got in your bag? 7. Have your parents a car?

8. Has your father a bicycle? 9. At what time do you have breakfast? 10. Do you have dinner at home or at school?

11. How many times a day do you have tea? 12. How many times a week do you have a bath? 13. Do you have a walk before going to bed? 14. At what time do you usually have supper? 15. Do you have tea or coffee for breakfast? ’

Exercise 28. Translate into English,

1. У меня есть фотоаппарат. 2. У моего товарища есть мотоцикл. 3. У нас есть авторучки. 4. У тебя есть цветные карандаши? 5. У Виктора есть велосипед? 6. У меня нет свободного времени. 7. У них нет англо-русских словарей,

8. У меня нет этой статьи. 9. У тебя есть брат в Белгороде?

10. У нее есть родственники в Сочи? 11. У нас нет временя пойти туда. 12. Что у тебя в кармане? 13. Сколько у нее братьев и сестер? 14. В котором часу вы завтракаете? 15. Вы обедаете дома или в школьной столовой?    -

Exercise 29. Read the sentences. Explain the use of the Present Indefinite Tense forms with the do*auxiliary in the affirmative sentences. Translate them into Russian.

1, "The police don’t suspect Ralph in the least. They’re working on quite another track”. “But that’s just it”, cried the girl. “They do suspect him! 2. I do think he might have trusted me with the secret.. 3, “Well”, I said to myself, “maybe things do change while you sleep”. 4.1 do want to go to South America. 5. You do know every one in this tiny village. 6. But he does admire Flora’s pale gold hair. 7. We know he does trust to your judgment. 8.1 do really wish