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стр. 238

party; 4. when she cleans her room; 5. what kinds of sports she goes in for; 6. at what time her brother goes to bed;

7. what she does in the evening; 8. who helps her with her studies; 9. who washes her dresses; 10. where her aunt lives;

11.    why she doesn’t go to the theatre; 12, which of her friends plays the piano best of all.

Exercise 8. Ask questions about the time of the action.

Models: They skate in winter.When do they skate?

Nick gets up at six. — At what time does Nick get up?

1. The pupils plant trees in autumn. 2. The teacher corrects our dictations in the evening. 3. Peter comes to school at eight. 4. Our family goes to the Crimea in July. 5, His father usually comes home at five. 6. They discuss films after classes.

7. We listen to the news at ten o’clock. 8. Her parents gather mushrooms in summer. 9. The school year begins in Sep tember. 10. The summer holidays begin in June.

Exercise 9. Ask questions about the place of the action.

Model: His son works in Balashikha.Where does his son work?

1. Her brother studies in Moscow. 2. The wolf lives in the forest. 3. They spend their holidays in the country. 4. Her mother works at a textile factory. 5. Many birds fly to the south in autumn. 6. Her parents live in a village.

7.    My school-mates go to the theatre in the evening.

8,    They read newspapers in the reading-room. 9.1 buy bread round the corner. 10. Our football team goes to Germany.

Exercise 10. Put questions to the italicized words.

1. The children go to bed at ten o’clock. 2. His son knows English well. 3. My father reads newspapers in the evening. 4. Her aunt lives in Murmansk. 5. Our parents grow wheat. 6. This man works at a machine-building plant, 7. It snows in winter. 8. We buy bread at this shop. 9. My sister learns many poems by heart. 10. Ann helps her mother about the house. 11. At the lessons we read and speak English.

12,    Her mother teaches chemistry, -

Exercise 11. Answer the following questions.

1. At what time do you get up? 2. What do you do in the morning? 3, Do you do your morning exercises every morning? 4. Do you go to school in the morning or in the afternoon? 5. At what time do classes begin at your school?