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стр. 540

snatch smth from under smb’s nose П 15 an old softy Г 9 soil one’s hands M 9 wise as Solomon П 2 like someone possessed У 4 something like В 64 out of sorts С 48, T 3 like a lost soul H 31 not a soul Д 76

the spark that set the forest on fire С 126 speak of the devil JI 4 speak through ones teeth 3 35 strictly speaking Г 35 on spec Г 14

as the spirit moves one Б 8 in the same spirit Д 65 in low spirits Д 67 split one's sides X 5 smb’s tender spot M 20 spread one’s wings P 12 square accounts with С 39 at stake С 105 stake one’s life on Д 1 stand one’s ground В 87 stand on one’s feet Д 53 stand up for С 114 stare in the face Б 27 start on ones hobby-horse С 3 steal a march on smb П 15 steal away smb’s heart К 51 tall as a steeple В 17 a few steps from Ш 1 stick fast С 2

stick one’s nose into С 100

stick one’s nose out of doors В 97

stick out a mile H 17

stick up for С 114

<as> stiff as a poker П 104

sting to the quick 3 7

stir smb’s feelings 3 7

stir the waters M 46, H 7

stir up trouble M 46

in stitches X 5 between two stools H 27

full stop В 22

a long story П 23

another story О 17

straight from the shoulder P 23

the last straw П 19

up smb’s street К 15, 4 3

at one (a) stroke M 13

on the stroke T 24

summon one’s courage H 6, С 98

be sure and (to) Б 31

don’t be too sure 4 9

for sure 3 33

<as> sure as eggs (as fate) Д 9,

Д 11 to be sure С 71 swallow the bait П 76 sweat blood П 83 sweat one’s guts out T 25 swim with the stream (current) П 33 in full swing Б 5, X 13


not take a blind bit of notice 4 16

not take one’s eyes off С 34

take a turn for the better Д 28

take smb at his word Л 21

take bread out of smb’s mouth О 24

take smb’s breath away 3 20

take smth for granted С 7

take smb in hand П 87

take smth into one’s head В 6

take its course В 75

take my word for it 3 33

take the lead 3 6

take the nonsense out of В 79

take the path of В 70

take the (a) rise out of П 48

take its toll Б 21

take smb to task Б 17

talk nineteen to the dozen К 37

talk of the devil Л 4

tarred with the same brush M 1

for all the tea in China 3 12