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стр. 539

rule with a rod of iron Д 45 run bump into H 14 run in smb’s head (mind) В 19 run off one’s feet С 15, С 89 run with the hare and hunt with the hounds H 26, С 61 rush headlong О 37


sad to say Д 25 for goodness’ sake Б 11 for old times’ sake П 7 like sardines С 54 to save one’s life У 2 before you can say Jack Robinson С 121

say a good word for 3 14 to say nothing of Г 31 a scrap of paper Г 57 from scratch A 2 screw one’s courage H 6, С 98 not see beyond one’s nose В 38 not see one’s hand in front of one’s face 3 23 not see the wood for the trees В 39 see life (the world) В 36 see stars И 20 see the last of П 67 see smb, smth through Ш 5 see smth through rose-coloured spec tacles С 23 see smth with half an eye Г 23 send smb about his business С 113 send a shiver down smb’s spine M 40 send smb packing С 113 out of one’s senses С 120, У 10 serve smb right Д 62, H 10 serve two masters H 26, С 61 a perfect set П 41 set at naught (nothing) С 37 set eyes on Г 5 set one’s hand to В 3 set one’s heart (mind) on Г 12 set smb on his feet В 83, С 106

set smb’s teeth on edge T 17 set the pace 3 6

set the saddle on the wrong horse A 1

set tongues (chins) wagging 4 10 will not set the Thames on fire X 2 settle accounts with С 39 settle old scores С 39 in the shade T 5 shake in one’s shoes П 44 a close shave У 14 in sheets В 11 on the shelf С 46 to the last shilling К 31 where the shoe pinches С 97 in smb’s shoes Ш 8 shoot from the hip P 23 shoot up fast Д 42 in short Г 34, С 77 show one’s face К 3, П 59 show one’s teeth П 56 show smb up for what he really is В 86

shut one’s eyes to 3 11, С 93 sick and tired of H 1 side by side Б 12 at first sight В 31, В 32 by sight Г 22

neither sight nor sound H 35 out of sight Г 20 second sight Г 25 sink Or swim Б 32 sit on one’s hands С 83 sit tight В 87 at sixes and sevens В 7 skin and bones К 24 to the skin К 39, H 42 sleep like a log У 1 on the slide И 12 slip smb’s lips С 103 slip smb’s mind (memory) В 93 there is many a slip ’twixt cut and lip Б 1

on the sly С 10, Ш 6, Ш 10 snap one’s fingers at M 39