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стр. 538

play havoc with С 109 play into smb's hands Jl 16 play pranks В 90 play the fool (ass) В 5 play tricks В 90, П 44 in plenty О 23

pluck one's courage H 6, С 98 point the finger at П 57 to the point О 5 poke one’s nose into С 100 on Shank’s pony Д 12 as possible M 34

pour oil on the flame (flames) П 46

not within smb’s power С 64

at a premium Ц 3

prey on smb's mind К 6

at any price С 108

beyond price H 41

prick up one’s ears H 8, У 21

there are no prizes for it Г 2

no problem Д 30

outside smb’s province 4 3

at the slightest provocation 4 22

pull at smb’s heartstrings Б 19

pull chestnuts out of the fire 3 5

pull smb’s leg M 41

pull the wool over smb’s eyes В 51,

В 72

pull oneself together Б 22, С 99 pull to pieces О 20, П 18 push one’s nose into С 100 put a spoke in the wheel В 67 put one’s best foot forward H 48 put down in black and white 4 7 put one’s finger on Б 24 put one’s hand to В 3 put one’s head (neck) in the (a) noose Jl 10

put one’s heart into Д 79

put in a good word for 3 14

put oneself in smb’s position В 78

put smb’s nose out of joint П 15

put on an act Jl 25

put smb, smth on his (its) feet С 106

put smb on his mettle В 74 put out a feeler 3 10

put smb, smth out of action В 85,

В 100

put smth out of one’s head (mind)

В 82, В 102 put the saddle on the wrong horse A 1

put smb to shame 3 19


in question P 20

out of the question M 43

on the quiet С 10, Ш 10


rack one’s brains over Jl 24 rage and fume M 28, P 14 raise one’s hand against П 49 raise one’s hands P 6 at any rate M 18 reap the fruits of П 53 rear one’s head П 47 remove the scales from smb’s eyes О 32

rend smb's heart H 11

resign oneself [one’s mind) to У 8

in respect of (to) 4 3

rest on one’s laurels П 85

resume its course В 75

retail stale news О 31

without rhyme or reason С 53, 4 15

ride for a fall С 84

ride hell for leather И 1, П 52

all right Б 37

just right P 1, P 2

rise to the bait П 76

rise to the occasion В 96

rise up in arms Ш 9

rooted to the spot В 44

rot in hell П 102

by rote П 26

rough and ready P 30

rub smb up the wrong way Г 3