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стр. 537

with all one’s might С 63 mill the wind П 17, T 15 not to mince one’s words О 5 make mincemeat of О 20, С 109 never mind Б 7

out of one’s mind В 88, С 120, У 9, У 10 miss the bus P 5 any moment Г 26 at most С 66

poor as a church mouse Г 37 down in the mouth В 27, В 28 on the move X 14 much of a muchness К 26 not much of A 3 muddy the waters M 46, H 7 muster one’s courage H 6, С 98 muster up strength С 99


as naked as the day one was born M 12 In God’s name Б 11 in the name of И 18 to a nicety T 24 for nothing 4 15 like nothing on earth П 84 next to nothing К 41 nothing doing Б 36, В 60, Д 21 nothing to make a song about Б 10

nothing to speak of Б 10, К 41 nothing to write home about Б 10

now and again (then) H 36 beyond number H 38


obscure the issue H 20 offend the eye К 27, P 18 once for all P 4 once in a while H 36 be a great one for smth Д 64

neither one thing nor the other T 13

one in a million Д 39

beside oneself П 68

by oneself С 8

not be oneself С 48

to oneself С 51

open smb’s eyes Г 10, О 32

out and about H 46

out of the ordinary В 103

at the outside С 66


a pack of lies К 37 paint in certain colours С 24 paper over the cracks С 43 pass through the mill В 36 pat on the back Г 2 not a patch on Г 36, К 52 on the right path H 21 not pay a blind bit of notice 4 16 pay smb back in his own (in the same) coin П 29 pay lip-service to С 76 pay old scores with С 39 peace of mind В 80 there are plenty of other pebbles on the beach С 28 at full pelt Д 66 a pretty penny В 47 pick smb clean H 42 pick smb to pieces П 18 no picnic M 28, С 12 as pretty as a picture К 16 as plain as a pikestaff Д 11 pile it on С 45 pile on the agony С 45 as pitch В 91 in smb’s place M 21 in the first place О 36 no place for M 23 out of place M 22 play ball С 20 play cat and mouse И 5 play games Ш 12