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стр. 536

like a leaf Jl 15 lean over backwards Jl 8 by leaps and bounds Д 42 learn sense H 4 learn the meaning of life Ф 4 at least M 18 not in the least К 12 leave much to be desired О 21 leave smth out of account (consider ation) С 16, У 16 be left out in the cold H 52, 4 18, 4 19

on one’s last legs В 81, Д 80

on ones legs H 46

the length and breadth of В 10

let off steam О 27

lick smb’s boots X 18

for the life of У 2

lift one’s hand against П 49

not lift a finger У 7

in a certain light С 24

in the best light П 58

in the light of С 25

the light of smb’s life С 29

like as two peas К 10

the like (likes) of Б 15

not likely К 52

be the limit П 84

not <in> smb’s line <of country)

4 3

a load off smb’s mind Г 51, К 7 be not long for this world Ж 6 look agog Г 7 look blank X 9

look for a needle in a haystack И 19

loose smb’s tongue Я 9

lose one’s head T 6

lose heart П 1, P 40

lose sight of У 16

lose one’s temper В 99

lose one’s tongue Я 9

at a loss T 7

a lot on smb’s plate P 22

loud and clear Я 5

as luck would have it Г 59, H 12

good luck 4 1 just my luck H 12


like mad О 37, П 6, С 85, У 4 be made of stern stuff Д 54 like (as if by) magic В 16, M 8, С 96 make a mountain out of a mole hill Д 20

make an ass (fool) of В 5, Д 63,

M 41, С 1 make a smoke-screen О 26 make smb’s blood boil К 47 make smb’s blood run cold К 49 make ends meet С 36 make itself felt Д 3 make fun of П 48 make smb’s head spin Г 39, К 51 make much of H 53 make no difference Ж 1 make oneself out to be С 117 make short work of С 121 make the running 3 6 make tracks У 14 a man of one’s word Б 26 smb’s right-hand man P 36 to a man О 14 to the last man О 14 cold as marble Jl 5 mark my words П 69 up to the mark В 96 to the marrow К 3'9 a past master of С 124 no match for П 9, 4 9 a matter of course С 7 as a matter of fact Г 35 no laughing matter Ф 3, HI 15 tall as a maypole В 17 by fair means or foul M 49, П 86 in the meantime С 118 mesuare smb, smth by one’s own yard (yardstick) M 19 meet one’s match К 38 on the mend Д 28