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стр. 535

would not hurt a fly О 4 hustle and bustle В 52


I am not sure С 70

I like that Д 38, H 44 I’ll be damned (hanged) Я 1 I’ll eat my hat Я 1

I say В 63 cold as ice Jl 5 ill at ease С 49 the spitting image of К 10 inside out В 10, С 124 not one (an) iota Й 1 It is a deal P 35 by itself С 8, С 9


Jack of all trades M 11

jar on smb’s nerves T 17

in a jiffy Д 68, С 121

no joke Ф 3

joking apart HI 13

not one (a) jot (or tittle) Й 1

jump out of one's skin С 57


keep abreast of the times И 10 keep an eye on С 34 keep a tight rein on Д 45 keep one’s eyes skinned О 1 keep one’s head T 6 keep smb informed (posted) Д 46 keep smb in hand Д 47, Д 49 keep smth in mind И 15 keep one’s mind on В 3 keep mum Д 52, H 4 keep smb’s nose to the grindstone Д 48

keep smb on short rations Д 48 keep out of smb’s way П 75 keep pace with И 10 keep one’s temper Д 49 keep one’s word Д 50 keep your chin up В 27, В 28 a pretty kettle of fish 3 3 with kid gloves P 23 kill oneself with laughter П 60 be so kind as to Б 31 in kind О 19 all kinds of stuff В 71 knee-high to a grass-hopper В 21 knock smb flat С 13 knock the nonsense out of В 79 knock smth together H 43 before you know where you are С 121

know one’s onions С 124 know one’s place 3 28 know what smb, smth is worth 3 31 know (on) which side one’s bread is buttered У 11 know which way the wind blows В 26

know one’s own worth 3 29 know smb’s worth 3 31 not know where to look Д 14


a new-born lamb С 19

meek as a lamb 3 15, T 9

a land of milk and honey P 19

no man’s land H 27

strong language С 82

that was the last we heard of С 86

lay down one’s life Jl 14

lay emphasis on Д 22

lay eyes on Г 5

lay it on С 45

lay smb low В 2

lay the saddle on the wrong horse A 1

not lay a finger on T 19

lead smb astray С 14

lead smb by the nose В 51, И 11,

П 34