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стр. 532

or else T 10 a dead end 3 21

and there’s an end to it В 22, Д 34

be at the end of one’s tether 4 4

be the end of Д 34

come to a bad end С 95

there is no end К 44, H 37

to the end of time В 15

enter smb’s head (mind) В 30, JI 9

enter upon the path of В 70

be equal to В 96, С 65, П 31

escape smb’s lips С 103

escape smb’s memory В 93

escape scot-free В 101

in the event of С 87

for ever (and ever) В 13, В 15

by eye Г 22

be all eyes Г 7

before (under) smb’s eyes Г 17 smb’s eyes nearly popped out of his head Г 8 in smb’s eyes Г 6 up to the eyes in Г 54, У 19


all over smb’s face У 18 face to face Г 4 in smb’s face Г 4, Jl 17, О 33 on the face of it В 31 to smb’s face Г 4, Jl 17 in fact Д 24, T 10 fair to middling С 58, Ш 3 fall about laughing П 60 fall on smb’s neck В 29 fall over oneself Jl 8 fall through И 13 fall to pieces T 18 fan the flame (flames) П 46 as far as the eye can reach Г 18, К 18

after a fashion П 78 in fashion X 12 in mortal fear П 6 fed up to the back teeth H 1, X 21 on one’s feet H 46 find a common language H 24 find one’s feet В 83 find it in one’s heart Д 72 smb’s fingers are all thumbs В 3 smb’s fingers itch P 41 between two fires О 13 at first П 80 first and foremost Г 38 first of all Д 35 fish in troubled waters Jl 22 like a fish out of water T 3 neither fish not fowl T 13 there are plenty more fish in the sea С 28

not fit to hold a candle to Г 36 by fits and starts П 13 flash smb a glance С 21 in a flash В 40, С 96 smb’s flesh creeps (crawls) M 45 smb’s own flesh and blood К 40 there are no flies on Б 18 fling oneself at smb’s head В 29 fling smth in smb’s teeth (face) Jl 17

fling oneself into Г 46 fling mud at О 6 fly bump into H 14 fly off the handle В 99 foam at the mouth П 11 follow one’s nose Г 16 be a fool for one’s pains H 52, 4 18, 4 19 nobody’s fool Б 18 on a friendly footing with H 45 on an equal footing H 47 from force of habit П 7 forget oneself П 68 form the (a clear) picture В 76 in form У 5, Ф 2 out of form Ф 2 on all fours К 13 freeze smb’s blood К 49 small fry П 28