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стр. 531

come to smb’s hand (hands) П 77

come to light К 29

come to one’s senses Б 23

come to terms H 24

come to that П 55

come up in the world И 9

come smb’s way П 77

come what may Б 32, И 14

in inverted commas К 2

on short rations Д 48

confuse the issue M 46

on the contrary P 2

in a tight corner П 72

at any cost С 108

at all costs С 108

can count on your fingers П 20

count for nothing M 25

of course С 7

smb’s cousin seven (several) times removed В 49 cover up one’s tracks 3 13 from cover to cover К 35 at the crack of dawn С 31 from the cradle П 10 cross smb’s path П 75 a white crow В 59 be cruising for a bruising С 84 clear as crystal Д 40 cudgel one’s brains over JI 24 off the cuff H 14 curdle smb’s blood К 49 cut a long story short Г 34 cut smth at the root К 34 cut both ways П 5 cut smb to the quick 3 7


at daggers drawn with H 50

to dance to smb’s tune И 11, П 34

mother’s darling С 125

any day now С 52

as clear as day Д 40

for a rainy day Д 41

at daybreak С 31

broad daylight С 22, Д 44 dead to the world И 1, У 1 be the death of С 35 like death О 12 like death warmed up К 21 to the death Ж 5

between the devil and the deep blue sea О 13 devour with one’s eyes E 1 on a starvation diet К 19 dig a pit for P 48 dirty one’s hands M 9 within spitting distance П 40 to distraction П 6 do dirty work 3 5 do the dirty on П 45 do the trick Д 26 do one’s utmost Л 14 be done for Д 32, П 22 don’t mention it 3 24 on the dot M 31, T 24 in one’s dotage В 88 drag oneself along В 56 drag smb (smb’s name) through the mud (mire) С 91 draw to an end (a close) Д 27 drift with the stream (current) П 33 drive smb hard В 89 drive smb mad В 84, С 38 drive smb out of his mind С 38 drive smb to drink С 35 a drop in the ocean К 11 to the last drop К 9 drum into smb’s head В 6


in earnest Ш 14

up to the ears in Г 46, Г 54, У 19

eat a bushel of salt with С 123

at a long ebb В 57

to the effect Д 65

sure as eggs is eggs Д 11

at smb’s elbow Б 13

in one’s element P 46