Н.А. БОНК Г.А.КОТИЙ Н.Л.ЛУКЬЯНОВА Учебник английского языка ЧАСТЬ 2
СКАЧАТЬ Бонк Н.А., Левина И.И., Бонк И.А. Английский шаг за шагом. (Курс для начинающих в 2-х т.) Text + Audio

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Учебник английского языка
стр. 229


Text. Al the Restaurant (by A. J. Cronini Grammar: I. Инфинитив (The Infinitive) (§ 14, p. 480)

2. Сложное дополнение (Complex Object) (система тизация) <§ 15, p. 481 j    '

Revision: The Subjunctive Mood (Table 6, p. 50?)

Articles (Tables 1—3, p. 490—495)


(from ‘‘A Thing of Beauty*’"' by A. J. Cronin) '

Archibald Joseph Cronin was born in I89G. In 1919 he graduated (rom Glasgow University where he look a medical course. Ailer mat he practised medicine lor over ten years and gained a lot of experience ol hie.

Though Cronin was an excellent doctor, he hoped some time to take up a literary career. The opportunity to write came when his medical praclicc was interrupted by an illness. His first novel, “Hatters Castle".’ came out in 1931. It was iollowed by a number oi other novels. "A Thing oi Beamy" was published in 1955.

Stephen Desmonde had returned home after several years at Oxford, where he had been taking a course of theology. Stephen himself d'd not want to be a parson and had only taken up the course because his father wished him to do so. He was fond of painting and wanted to devote his life to art.

Against his father’s will he left England to study painting in France. On arriving in Paris he entered Professor Dup- ret’s Art School. The extract given below is an account of his meeting with other students from Engtand.

js.    ,

Ai one o'clock a bell rang. Immediately a cry went up from everywhere and all around the students began crow ding towards the door, pushing Stephen forward against his will. Suddenly he heard a pleasant voice behind him.

' В русском переводе «Памятник крестоносцу*.

I'hietaz 'ka si] — в русском переводе *Замок Броуди*.