Н.А. БОНК Г.А.КОТИЙ Н.Л.ЛУКЬЯНОВА Учебник английского языка ЧАСТЬ 2
СКАЧАТЬ Бонк Н.А., Левина И.И., Бонк И.А. Английский шаг за шагом. (Курс для начинающих в 2-х т.) Text + Audio

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Учебник английского языка
стр. 190

VI.    Describe the main characters in the story, using as many words as you can from those in brackets.

a)    Miss Linda (lovely, slim, a straight nose, a feature, excel lent, in the latest fashion, to wear, to bring up, good- natured, pleasant to deal with, to take an interest in, to impress, to turn down)

b)    Colonel Green (to take after, by nature, well-educated, to serve in the army, to have a good appointment, excel lent health, to go in for sports, to take little (no) interest in, to prefer, frequent, reliable, honest, pleasant (easy, difficult, etc.) to deal with, a sense of responsibility)

c)    Mr Porcharlester (young, handsome (good-looking), features, talented, a voice, to be worth, powerful, nice, shy, frank, honest, to wear, fashionable, a sense of hu mour, to praise, to be relied on, sensible)

d)    The horn player (to be brought up, a village, shabby, distant, plain, shy, awkward, to behave, to fail, to find oneself in a difficult position, innocent eyes, to avoid meeting, to take no interest in, to prefer, a sense of pro portion, to be ashamed of)

VII.    Make up short stories of yourown, using some of the words given below.

I. A New-Year Party in the Country

a lovely place, to mention, to hesitate, to insist, convinc ing, to give in, to make all te necessary arrangements, to put up with, to invite, to join, willingly, in spite of, instead of, to take the ten o’clock train, to take a taxi, to apologize, to be dressed in the latest fashion, to wear an evening dress, at exactly 12, to see in the New Year, to raise one’s wine glasses, to have a dance, to go out, to have a walk, a lovely sight, to make a deep impression, to have a lot of fun

2. My Last Birthday Party

to arrange, to invite, to accept, to expect, a lot of people, to look forward to, to be given presents, to wish many happy returns of the day, to turn up at last, to apologize, to help oneself to, to have enough of, to have a dance, among the guests, a girl of eighteen, the daughter of ..., to look awkward, to wear, to be shy, not to feel like, to insist, to he sitate, finally, to give in, to be surprised to hear, a lovely voice, to enjoy, to applaud, to have a lot of fun