Н.А. БОНК Г.А.КОТИЙ Н.Л.ЛУКЬЯНОВА Учебник английского языка ЧАСТЬ 2
СКАЧАТЬ Бонк Н.А., Левина И.И., Бонк И.А. Английский шаг за шагом. (Курс для начинающих в 2-х т.) Text + Audio

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Учебник английского языка
стр. 90

b) Translate.

1. Уже почти утро. 2. Статья уже почти готова (напи сана). 3. Петр чуть не сделал (почти сделал) ту же самую ошибку. 4. Она чуть не рассмеялась (расплакалась, вскрикнула, ошиблась).

to burst into, to burst out laughing (crying)

a)    Use a synonymous expression.

1. The girl was so eager to tell the news to her friends that she threw the door open and quickly ran in without knocking. 2. At the sight of the clowns the children started laughing. 3. I thought the news would cheer her up, but on hearing it, she quite unexpectedly began to cry.

b)    Translate.

I. Он стремительно вбежал в комнату. 2. Интересно, почему все рассмеялись. 3. Не понимаю, что заставило ее расплакаться.


a)    Translate.

1. They won’t receive the letter in time unless we send it by air mail. 2. I shan’t speak to you now unless you pull yourself together and consider the matter calmly.

b)    Use a synonym.

1. The child will not improve if his elder brother doesn’t set him a good example. 2. I’ll get lost in this building if you don't show me out.

c)    Complete the following sentences, using the words in brackets.

1. She won’t be able to pull herself together unless ... (to cheer up). 2. They won’t stop finding fault with your work unless ... (to improve). 3. We shall miss the train unless ... (to take a taxi). 4. You won’t make any progress in your English unless ... (to change one’s attitude).

to shut

a) Practise aloud.

1. “Shall I shut the window?" "Please do.” 2. Shut the book if you’ve finished reading. 3. Shut the door, will you? It’s noisy outside. 4. The shop’s shut already. 5. Don’t shut your eyes to the facts.