Н.А. БОНК Г.А. КОТИЙ Н.Л. ЛУКЬЯНОВА Учебник английского языка ЧАСТЬ 1
СКАЧАТЬ Бонк Н.А., Левина И.И., Бонк И.А. Английский шаг за шагом. (Курс для начинающих в 2-х т.) Text + Audio

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Учебник английского языка
стр. 259

d) I. What’s the weather like today? Is it cold outside?

2.    It’s rather cold today, isn’t it? (It’s quite warm today, isn’t it?)

3.    Is it colder today than it was yesterday, or is it warmer?

VI. Выполните следующее.

I. Ask your friend

Ask a shop- assistant to show you


»to let you try on

»to let you have a (another) look at

3. Ask another cus tomer in the shop

whether he’d like to go shopping with you.

whether 11 o’clock will be suitable for him. whether it’s cold outside, whether it’s too early to go to a de partment store at eight o’clock in the morning.

a pair of gloves to match your coat, a pair of shoes to match your dress, another pair of shoes (of) a lighter colour.

another pair of gloves (of) a different colour.

a pair of size 37 shoes (a size larger, two sizes smaller), something cheaper, something better, a light-green hat. a dark-brown coat, a light-grey shirt.

that'blue hat over there, that pair of shoes, those dark-red gloves, that nice white shirt.

that brown suit-case. this dark-green tie. those warm gloves, that watch.

how to get to the ready-made clothes department, whether they sell children’s things there.

when there aren’t so many people in the store, where you could buy a watch.

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