Н.А. БОНК Г.А. КОТИЙ Н.Л. ЛУКЬЯНОВА Учебник английского языка ЧАСТЬ 1
СКАЧАТЬ Бонк Н.А., Левина И.И., Бонк И.А. Английский шаг за шагом. (Курс для начинающих в 2-х т.) Text + Audio

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Учебник английского языка
стр. 149

6.    Сап I have your pen for a minute (your text-book, •newspaper) ?

7. Can I speak to you before or after classes?

8. When can we go to the cinema?

9.    Can we go to the cinema today?

10.    Which days can you usually go to the cinema or theatre?

11.    Where can we get some English journals?

12.    What can you see in this room?

13.    How many foreign languages could you speak last year?

14.    How many foreign languages can you speak now?

15.    How well can you speak them?

16.    Were you able to go to the cinema (theatre) last night?

17.    Are you able to walk 50 kilometres ['kila.mi.taz] a day?

18.    Are you able to ski all day long?

19.    How many kilometres are you able to walk a day (to ski a day)?

XII. Составьте предложения по следующим образцам, используя данные слова и словосочетания.

Образец 1: My son сап (can’t) speak English.

My son couldn't speak English last year but he can do~it now.

to read, to write, to skate, to ski, to teach little chil dren, to play chess (volley-ball, tennis, football), to speah German (French), to walk

Образец 2: “Can I leave my bag here?”


“I’m afraid not’’.

to take, to have, to give, to tell, to speak, to go, to see, to meet, to leave, to put

Образец 3: “Could you open the window, please?’ “Certainly."

to send, to get smth. for smb., to close, to do smth for smb., to write about smth., to speak to smb.

Образец 4. He was only able to see us at five.

He couldn’t speak English last year.

to translate, to see, to teach, to go to the cinema (theatre one’s friend’s, one’s parents’, the park), to go, to come tc see, to speak to smb.