Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 475

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Шкъ    "

heart was beating and his knees felt weak1 (J. Galsworthy) «Началось сердцебие ние, и от слабости подкашивались когю>; 'Ли picked it up (tlie little bag), though ils weight was aimost too much for his feeble fingers' (J. London) аОи подмял мешочек, хотя его ослабевшие пальцы едва могли удержать такую tsi жесть*; his limbs were frail lioih и руки у него были слабые /.чилиг/; a frail heart ела- toe сердпе; fragile fingers тонкие /хруп кие/ пальчики,

[ItJ Mr, Sikes being weak from the fe ver, was lying in bed... (Ch. Dickens. ‘Oliver Twist'). As she once more resumed her interminable walk, she realised she was weak, E;iint; and she knew that it was the weakness of complete exhaustion, and llie faintness of approaching starva tion (Г. Norris, 'The Octopus'). ..I was so sick, so weak, so gnawed wilh nature's cravings., (Ch. Bronte, 'Jane liljre.'). By the time (Jassiar Bar was reached, he (the dog) was 50 weak that he was full ing repeatedly in the iraces (J. London. 'Tlie Cult of (he Wild'). His feel were sore, and his legs so weak that they trembled beneath him (Ch. Dickens, 'Oliver Twist'} ‘That’ 11 astonish their weak nerves; thought Soames,. (J. GaLsworth 1/. 'Swim Song'). ..Amos watched the girl's weak ankles turning over at every pace because of her very high heels (J. Moore. 'Local Boy Makes Good’).

Kate being too feeble io go about much, gave music lessons to beginners (J. Joy re. 'The Dead'). He is getting very feeble ami has not left the house all the winter (П. Marryul, 'The Nobler Sex'). She was a stout feeble old woman with white hair (J. Joyce, 'The Dead'). 1 was bur dened with the charge of a little child; a very small creature, too young am) feeble lo walk.. (Ch. Bronte. ‘Jane Eyre'). His (the dog’s) sight Is weak and liis Jimbs are feeble (Ch. Dickens, ‘David Copperfiehi'). Then the clerk fell heavily upon him. clutching him liy the throat writh Feeble fingers (J. London, ‘/fi a Lor Country').

He breathed with difficulty, looked terribly frail (J. Galsworthy, ‘In Chan cery'). ..they needed protection; they were altogether too frail, too spiritual for this world (A. Huxley, ‘Cronte Yellow'). She mounted the stairs behind the porter, her head bowed in the ascent, her frail shoulders curved as with a burden (J. Joyce, 'The Dead’).


She seemed so tiny, so mlnulp, fragile (A. Bennett. 'The Oh! №'Jiw' Tate'). Look ailer Christine for ini\ 1)1 г on .. Don't drop her; she's frtiylli (K. Antis. ‘Lucky Jim'). Her mother wai a fragile woman who smelled of violet* and had the kind of gentle beauty th*T ‘trembles over children sleeping1 (E. G. Patton, ‘Good Morning, MiM Логе').

The sexton ..was too infirm to rlta without assistance (Ch. Dickens, ‘David Copper field'),

..he dressed the wounds of the 111 or* decrepit patients (0. A. Bushncll. ‘Aii'/tl* Ш'). ..two young Mexicans .. and itt old fellow, the centenarian of the town, decrepit beyond belief, sang an inlermli nable tove-song to the accompanimoiil 11] a guitar and an accordion (f. Nariht ‘The Octopus'). The glow of a late a lit 11111» sunset covered the grass plots and wallt»*

It east a shower of kindly golden dust on llie untidy nurses and decrepit old mmt who drowsed on the benches (J. Joyt#t 'Dubliners'). A decrepit Irish suit sometimes made his appearance in it about the ranch house (F. Norris, ‘ Octopus’). ..age and misery seamed ' have made her as dcerepil as ид I (Ch. Dickens, 'Dambey and Son').

2. ‘не обдалаюшин устойчивостью легко поддающийся разрушению* крепкий, непрочный, иеуетойчииын, хий (о предметах).

[3] Синонимы отличаются друг ог га по следующим смысловым признак!

I) форма проявления lit* у сто йч и постя (легко опрокинуть—лс<*»: ко разрушить), 2) ее п р и ч и и н>

3) ее о ц е н к а со стороны говорящее Weak выражает только о б ui е е ;iiiR' чение ряда, не специфицируя ни форму проявлении неустойчивости, ни ее при* Й чипу, ии ее оценку: a table wilh weak |pg|l стол с некрепкими /неустойчивыми/ noiwl ками; a weak harrier непрочный /шатки!/* барьер.

Feeble добавляет к этому общему значению указание на то, что ннфач» ноеть оценивается как достойно!

Жилое -г и свойство предмета: а fMMj

stem слабенький стебелек.

Frail и fragile описывают предмпц, которые легко р а э р у ш н гщ-. вследствие непрочно с т и нх н «Ml струкции или чрезмерной ЛйЛ к а с т гг, тонкости, хруп сти деталей, из которых они cocnj^H