Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 453


ва; 2) с глаголами, имеющими значение обладания (примеры см. fj): 3) с врилагательинми, имеющими у качение высокой степени: awful audacity ужасная нескромность; shameless har dihood бесстыдная наглость; intolerable effrontery невыносимая наглость; incred ible nerve невероятное нахальство; co lossal check колоссальная наглость; ter rible gall ужасное хамство.

И ..Nathaniel Pipkin had the temerity to kiss his hand to Maria Lobbs.. (Ch.Dick ens, 'The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club').

‘Oh,’ said Carrie, her voice rising into a weak cry. 'Let me oif. I don't want to go wilh you.' She was quite appalled at the man's audacity (Th. Dreiser, ‘Sister Carrie ). When he had finished it {the lelter), be stood holding it in his hands. The audacity of the thing took his breath. It roused his ire also—the deepest element of revolt in him (Th. Dreiser, 'Sister Carrie').

Nancy, at the table, her inveterate hardihood rendering her composed, per fect mistress of her features attempted to rescue him .. (A. J. Cronin, 'Haller’s Castle').

One secretly betrayed girl in the back ground while lie had the effrontery to ingratiate himself into the affections of another., (Th. Dreiser, 'An American Tragedy'). He stumbled away to wash his hands, utterly crushed by her effron tery (F.. N1, Forster, ‘Where Angels Fear to Tread'). ‘You!' she almost screamed, ‘The effrontery! If they only knew you as I do! The hypocrisy of it all! (Th. Drei ser, 'The Stoic').

The preacher saw J4ako and hurried forward, his cheeks puffed out in anger. The nerve of the black man to come here at such a time! (P. Abrahams. ‘The Path of Thunder'). The authors I mean. You'd be surprised if I told you the terms some ol them have the nerve to ask (W. S. Maugham, 1 Theatre').

..and he has the check to bring religion into it—a religion that says: ‘Do unto others!1 (J, Gahworthy, 'The Island Phar isees'). ..in fact it was all over the town, that you were performing experiments on animals—vivisection he had the cheek to call it (A. J. Cronin, ‘The Citadel'); It's cheek that does it, really, that’s my opinion—cheek, and a bit of luck (J. В. Priest icy, ‘Angel Pavement').

I suppose he hadn't the gall to tell

yon, so he's written you a nice, poll, fetter of regret (A. J. Cronin. 'The Norths епт. Light’), And to think that Rhetl would have the gall to look a deeenl \Vony an in the face! (M. Mitchell, 'Gone wit the Wind').    ,

THOUGHTFUL, CONSIDERATE, At* TENTIVE ‘такой, который думает о дру гих людях и действует с учетом их ин тересов' заботливый, внимательный.

|Э Thoughtful указывает прежде цеагв на готовность удовлетворить ф и л и »,

ч е с к н е потребности другого чело* века, создать для него материал!» н ы е удобства, оградить его от неойх днмостн затрачивать у с и л и *1 a thoughtful husband [son. friendJ забот линыЛ /внимательный/ муж |еын, друг); the thoughtful girl undertook the iiouw* -cleaning [or lier sick annt зиботлИШГ девочка взяла на себя уборку в до больной тетки.

Considerate (лпнм.тд'.'и.ный, сердечпиЦ чуткий, делнкеггнмй. тактнчниИ) об значаст пхнк'тнм, прояпляющееся ча всего в стремлении не оскорбить чьнх-Л чувств, оградить человека от о г о чем ия, ст