Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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других синонимов ряда, в особенности трех последних, легко сочетается с уточ няющими слонами, обозначающими и и- тенсивность переживаемой эмо ции пли сс оценку с точки зрения субъекта: he was a little surprised to see her there он слегка удивился, увидев ее там; she was surprised out of all meas ure она была безмерно удивлена; she was pleasantly [unpleasantly] surprised она была приятно [неприятно! удив лена.

И 1 had wanted to surprise Suzan botn with my news about the Tiffield contract and the gift of a blue nylon negligee (J. Braine, 'Life at ihe Top'). She was surprised and gladdened by the case with which he got acquainted with her cousins (J, London. ‘Martin Eden ), The thing that surprised her most, though, wTas the courage, she had suddenly found

lo go and speak to Gert about Old Tante (P. Abrahams, ‘The Path о/ ТНшик'г'). On the landing he was surprised lo see that the stranger’s door was ujht (H. G. Wells, 'The Invisible AUm’). Snuggled against him, she was surprised at her own cynicism (J. Galsworthy, 'The White Monkey').

But when he did speak, beginning with one of his circuitous wind-ups. be aston ished me: (he subject he wanted to get clear ,, was no more intimate than the lease of the house (C. P. Snow. 'Home comings'). Even in my despair 1 was astonished to learn how accurately he seemed to remember everything 1 have ever said lo him (P. H. Johnson. 'An Impossible Marriage ). He was astonished by everything in ihe world that did not bear on his grain elevator.. {.S. Lewis, 'Arrowsmith'). Elizabeth had never spo ken to anyone like that in her life and she was astonished at the temptation (L Walker. 1The Loving Heart'),

‘What these fellows can write always astounds me,’ he said (J- Aldridge, 'The Diplomat'). Well, well, of all things! .. I am astounded! This is a little too much, I must say. Accused of murder I (Th. Drei ser, 'An American Tragedy'). Nevertheless he w'eiit to school clad the same next day and halfway through the class was astounded to see his mother walk into the room (A. Sitlitoe, 'Key to the Door'). Suddenly 1 was astounded by compassion, compassion for the old man who dare not smoke a cigar, who had to leave a party at half past nine.. There wasn’t anyone

left lo hale (J. Braine, 'Life on ft Top')-    ,

1 want to amaze Catherine; we 11 tell her that while we slept the little people finished your suit. She'll have a lit (Tr. Co pole, ’The Grass Harp'). I wal perfectly amazed that one man, all by himself, should have been able to beat down and capture such battalions of prac tised fighters (M. Twain, 'A Connecticut лЛ Yankee in King Arthur's Court'). As ht IB turned and slowly re-entered his own house he became gradually amazed ai his own recent action (A. J. Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle').

These words, said in a calm tone ol . authority flabbergasted Robin Hood. HaW Mj could a mere pilgrim promise such a thmrf (A. Pukenham. 'Rubin Hood'). Of us all Skeffington was ihe only one totally surprised He sat wilh his "mouth slightly open; 1 wondered if Martin remembered that our mother used a word for just that expression—' llabberfiasti'd’