Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 433


night. Black, fearful, comfortless and horrible (ShakespeareW.), ..which seemed to be for beasts a fitting lair (it. Southey, 'Paraguay'O.E.D.). The young man might have a fitting bride (F, R, Stockton, 'The Laclu, or the Ti ger?*).

But something, an intuition that the moment was not apt restrained him (A. J. Cronin, ‘Tlie Citadel'). 'She's like the mercury in the thermometer,1 Bart thought.. II filled him with a sense o£ pride lhat he could find so apt a de scription (D. Cusack. ‘Say No lo Death'). The smoke was an apt thought, and saved his camp Svora Yieing sacked (W. Ir ving, 'Mahom and Suc.c’0. E. D.).

..whether a composite language like the English is not a happier instrument of expression than a homogeneous one like the German (S. T. ColeridgeW.). Comparisons could be more misleading or less happy (McCarthy, 'Own Times' —0. E. D.).

Yet 1 read his stuff and II seems to me the perfection of ihe felicitous expres sion of the inane (J. London, 'Martin Eden'). I do not like mottoes but where they are singularly felicitous (Ch. Lamb—ty.).

SUITABLE II, FIT, APPROPRIATE, PROPER, FITTING ‘ такой, который соот ветствует общепринятым нормам’ по добающий, надлежащий, должный; при личный.

[3] Между синонимами сохраняются смысловые различия, отмеченные а ряду suitable I: suitable to the occasion подо бающий определенному случаю /собы тию/; your behaviour is not quite suit able to your age в вашем возрасте не подобает вести себя таким образом; books are the fit inheritance of genera tions and nations книги — это достойное наследие поколений и народов; tiie books are not quite fit for children эти книги не совсем пригодны для детского чтения; it is not fit lhat you should make merry while the country is at war не к лицу вам сейчас предаваться веселью, когда кя страна воюет; appropriate to the occasion приличествующий случаю; appropriate manners подобающая манера держать /нести/ себя; proper behaviour хорошее /пристойное/ поведение; lie's not at all a proper person for a young girl lo know он совсем не тот человек, с которым следует общаться молодой де вушке; tbat's not at ail a proper thing to do in the public park подобная выходка в парке просто неприлична; it is Fitting that he should take the chair именно ему следует занять председательское ме сто; ‘..she is young and doesn’t know what is fitting in a gentleman’s house’ (A. Chris tie) ((..она еще молода н не знает, как подобает вести себя в доме джентль мена».

Примечание. Proper и (реже) книжн. appropriate имеют близкое к рассмотрен ному значение ‘присущий кому-л, или чем у-л,’; feelings proper to mankind чувства, свойственные людям; passion propel ihe artist страстность, прису щая художнику; ailments proper to tropical climates заболевания, характер ные для тропического климата; 'Aware that his expression was softening as ha looked at her, Soames frowned I о preserve the unemotional ism proper lo a Forsyte' (J. Galsworthy) «Со.шаваи, что ею взгля ду свойстисини смш чаты-я, когда он направлен на дочь, Соме иахмурнлен, чтобы сохранить невозмутимость, харак терную для истого Форсайта»; Emotions appropriate to the love-sick душенные пе реживания, свойственные влюбленным.

ill Не had a characteristic sentimert- Tty about the day and waited to pass it among his friends with suitable cere monies (II7. S. Maugham, 'The Moon arid Sixpence'). He had saved lives at sea, had rescued ships in distress, had a gold chronometer presented to him by (.he underwriters, and a pair of binocular* with a suitable inscription from some foreign Government in commemoration of these services (J. Conrad, ‘Lord Jim'), Perhaps both were trying to put down in paint ideas which were more suitable to literature fit7. S. Maugham, ‘The Moon and Sixpence1). Nureddin smiled, and a suitable answer rose to his pretty lips,, (E. M. Forster, ‘A Passage to India’).

И was the only fit way in which he could express the tremendous and lofty emotions he felt for her (J. London,Mar tin Eden), ..the Council 1ms not seen fit to direct the Registrar to erase your name (A. J. Cronin, 'The Citadel’). ..my readiness to believe .. anything he thought fit to tell me (J. Conrad, 'Lord Jim'). 1 have generalized about myself ... and my chance to win a place that will