Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Financier). Queer how kids love to play with trains, isn't It? (S. Leacock. The Perfect Lvivr's Guide'). "What a queer sound the town makes at night, Michael (J. Galsworthy, 'Swan. Song').

Him they found to be in the habit of sitting silent, his quaint and weird (ace set (Th. Hardy, "Jude the Obscure'). ,,a little boy .. with a childish, deli cious, quaint anxiety not to disturb Iiis mother.. (A. Bennett, 'The Old Wives' Tale'). My style of rowing is very much admired now. People say it is so quaint (J. K. Jerome, 'Three Mm in a BosC). One of the queerest and quaintest spots in England stanils virtually unvisited to-day (Th. Hardy, 'Jude the Obscure'). It's a quaint old house, I can see that.

1 love quaint old things (./. dire vet, 'The. Wap?Jiat Chronicle' ). The quaint old garden had sheltered many pairs of lovers and seemed expressly made for them, so sunny and secluded was it., (L. Atwtt,

‘Little Women.'). It’s always seemed to me,’ said Shelton, ‘to be quaint that people should assert that marriage gives them the right to ‘an eye Гог an eye’, and call them selves Christians (J. Galsworthy, 'The inland Pharisees').

Sheila was not only eccentric but unbalanced, the gossip was going round (C. P. Snow, 'Homecomings ). It is not my fault that New England is full of eccentric old women.. (J. Cheever, ‘The Wapshot Chronicle'). He fancied that everyone from the porters to the silken girl across the aisle was snickering at his eccentric coiffure (S. Lewis, ‘The CaJ of the Sloes'), His conversation was gay, unpredictable and eccentric (С. P. Snow, 'Strangers and Brothers'). Then George leased him affectionately about his religious observances; which seemed, indeed, as eccentric as his be liefs (C.P. Snvw, ‘Strangers and Brothers'). Then the way went bv long lines of dark windows, diversified by turreted towers, and porches, of eccentric shapes (Ch. Dickens, 'Bleak House ).

He found himself, to his moral con sternation, to be thinking more of her instead of thinking less of her, and ex periencing a fearful bliss in doing what was erratic, informal, and unexpected (Th. Hardy, ‘Jude the Obscure'). She recalled his erratic kindliness, his capac ity to throw himself boyishly into some new enthusiasm.. (J. Lindsay, 'Masks and faces’). She was Drought up in a rather odd family, a very good family, but erratic and unhappy (J. Aldridge, ‘The Diplomat'). ‘Well, I said, ‘haven't they ever looked for the cause ol her {the ship) erratic behaviour? There must be и reason somewhere, you know' (Jan de Hartog, 'The Captain').

It's very difficult to explain, hut when you come across a peculiar thing you notice it. Although, often, peculiar things may be the merest trifles (A. Christie, 'The Case of the Perfect Maid'). It oc curred to me that the peculiar radiators

I hstJ .. would give me away too much (H. G. Wells, 'The Invisible Man’). He tried lo absorb—and lo some extent did absorb—the peculiar quality of lhe coun try (R. Aldington, Death of a Hero'). Without in the least knowing why, he felt a strange sympathy for /'.rthur; ail extremely odd sensation, peculiar, par adoxical almost, as if he were sorry for Arthur (A. J, Cronin, 'The Stars 'Look Down'). It was the peculiar life in lhat hot compound which had given the rela tionship more significance than reality, and Mac Gregor wanted to forget about it (J. Aldridge, 'The Diplomat'). And after that, as his peculiar qualities allowed, he passed out of human perceptions alto gether (H. G. Welts, 'The Invisible Man').

‘I'm going out for “tiffin'1,' he inserted coldly, as though her suggestion was ri diculous and to be seen walking with her decrepit, outlandish figure the last thought his superior mind would enter tain (A. J. Cronin, 'Hatter’s Casik'). He that could imagine so outlandish a cause for his wife’s not getting on with him was certainly no Forsyte (J. Gals worthy, ‘The Man of Property'). His anatomy was all wrong, his proportions were grotesque, and his drawing was so outlandish as lo be funny (I. Stone, 'Lust for Life'). On iiis head was one of the outlandish caps that he had a perfect genius for picking up, no one ,knew where (/. Stone, 'Lust for Life'). ..a nun might have lived there, except for one fact: the walls, everything was painted an outlandish pink, even the floor was this colour (Tr. Capote, ‘The Grass Harp').

I found myself brooding on Palmer’s curious sister (/, Murdoch,Severed Head'). Then again how curious it is that her friend tells her the flat is let, and, when she goes up, behold, it is not so at all! (A. Christie. ‘The Adventure of the Cheap Flat'). Inherited ideas are a curious


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В России снизилось число алкоголиков

В Министерстве здравоохранения сообщили, что в стране за десять лет число зависимых от алкоголя снизилось на 37%, с 2,08 миллионов до 1,3 миллиона человек. В России также наблюдается тенденция снижения заболеваний, связанных с алкогольными психозами с 70,4 до 32 на 100 тысяч населения.

Названы 12 изменений c телом, которые могут указывать на рак

Некоторые изменения, которые происходят с телом, могут сигнализировать о развитии онкологии. Специалисты перечислили 12 таких тревожных признаков. Так, тремор, дрожание рук или подергивание могут сигнализировать о развитии опухоли в головном мозге.

Осенью Sony запустит свой новый 360-градусный аудиоформат

Sony объявила, что её новая технология 360 Reality Audio будет запущена в конце осени благодаря сотрудничеству с несколькими партнёрами. Формат включает в себя объектное пространственное аудио, которое размещает различные элементы музыкальной дорожки вокруг слушателя в виртуальной сферической среде.

Стало известно о новейших смартфонах Huawei с двумя ОС сразу

Huawei планирует выпуск двух смартфонов P40 и P40 Pro, на которых будет возможность установки сразу двух операционных систем HarmonyOS и EMUI 10 на базе Android. Об этом стало известно от регулярного инсайдера, чья информация часто оказывается точной.

Девелопер Setl Group увеличил продажи жилья почти на 50%

Петербургский девелопер Setl Group за девять месяцев 2019 года увеличил продажи недвижимости по сравнению с аналогичным периодом прошлого года на 48% - до 79,3 миллиарда рублей, говорится в сообщении компании.

Налог на имущество омичей вырос на 16%

В Омской области налог на имущество, который должны будут заплатить граждане, вырос на 16%. Количество жилья, находящегося в собственности, выросло, сообщает "Пишет Омск". Сумма налога на имущество за 2018 год составила 361 млн рублей.

Полуостров Крым принял представителей 27 немецких туркомпаний

По словам Алексея Черняка, Крым принял 27 специалистов. Однако озвучить полный список нельзя, так как действуют санкции, и могут возникнуть проблемы. По информации председателя комитета, в стране, с которой приехали туроператорами, может «светить» уголовное дело за нарушение европейских законов.

Стало известно, как подешевевшие визы повлияли на турпоток в Гоа

В сентябре Индия снизила стоимость въездных виз. Теперь разрешение на въезд в страну обойдется в 10 USD в низкий сезон и в 25 USD — в высокий. Индийские власти предполагали, что снижение стоимости поспособствует росту турпотока.